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Cardi B New Video ‘Up’ Takes the Internet by Storm as she pays tribute to TLC’s late “Left Eye” – Gossip Whiz

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Cardi B’s new video “Up” takes the internet by storm. Almost six months after converting “macaroni in a pot” into a dirty euphemism-all while breaking streaming charts and giving mainstream pundits a reason to clutch their pearls.

Cardi also did not let the critics get to her, so she ranks “up” the hotness by making out in a few steamy scenes with some of her beautiful dancers.

Let us break down her dazzling looks that are mostly based on a central corset. The outfits seem to be personalized for the song, but Cardi and stylist Kollin Carter choose to showcase several indie color designers. Second, Cardi, symbolized by a sleazy Lothario and a tomb called “STUCK” sits firmly above the graves of 2020.

Indeed, last year we all felt stuck. She is wearing her favorite red Louboutin bottom shoes with back seam stockings, Abraham D. Levy’s corset dripping in crystals (a specific favorite of Drag Race alumni), and Sarah Sokol Millinery’s hat covered with black roses. Classic lingerie meets funeral garb.

Cardi B’s new video ‘Up’ is an experience for the senses, full of colors and fashion, and a catchy hook that will dwell for days in your ears. It manages to cram some stunning looks into a blend of futuristic vignettes that pay tribute to the hip-hop styles of the past, clocking in at just under 3 minutes. In Living Color’s Fly Ladies, TLC and fish-eyeglasses from the late 90s, and lots of glam in the 2010s, all scored 808 beats in a throwback. And a wig packed with singing Barbie doll dolls. Yes, this song has all of it!

Although Cardi ruled music charts in 2020, she also said in the latest visual “RIP” to 2020 and plunged into a song that started a dance party on Twitter almost entirely. Cardi does a lot of dancing herself and transitions into a finely made outfit in the music video for her mini dance parties. This all-out music video had no lack of costumes for the Grammy-winning singer, from a bra cover with a purple pastel cone to a mermaid dress. But one particular outfit, however, seemed to have an extra unique sense in it.

Cardi B’s new video “Up,” her first solo song in many years, Cardi B’s chosen way of defeating the haters is oxygen starvation. Her rhythm is so constant that she does not allow fans a single moment to regain their breath for almost three minutes. “She raps with rapturous alliteration, “Big bag bussin ‘out the Bentley Bentayga/Man, Balenciaga Bardi back,” before spinning the tongue twister back again, in case you did not hear it all the first time.


“Up” is a homage to the steep Chicago drill sound on which Cardi grew up, and it also finds her reunion with DJ SwanQo, who worked with her on the most hard-hitting song on “Invasion of Privacy,” “Get Up 10.” (He co-produced “Up” with Yung Dza.) Her sound is a little giddier than the drill’s influence would suggest, and there are some classically comedic Cardi punch lines here, of course, but the real business is the ravenous way that she drills into this beat.

Cardi talked about her knees in the first part of her behind-the-scenes series of videos released on Monday while performing her motions in sneaker heels 23 days into training, as her choreographer Sean Bankhead noted. “If you believe I am mothering Megan Thee Stallion, then that’s an issue! “These the worst knees indeed.” Some have marveled at the “Savage” rapper’s knees and their effortless, unwavering ability to twerk. She demonstrated them off while dancing to ‘Up’ with one of her friends on her Instagram Live, which caused Cardi to want to come over.

Cardi turns into a studded, black leather body and fringe arm warmers at the end of the music video that in TLC’s 1999 music video for “No Scrubs” looked almost like the late Left Eye leather outfit. Throughout the music video, there were also more winks. The Armand de Brignac Champagne of JAY-Z, labeled with its famous spade ace logo, also makes a cameo, as does a sex toy. In her line “If I had a d-k, you would lick it like a lollipop,” which was evocative of 50 Cent’s 2003 hit “Candy Shop.” She also seems to make another throwback comparison.

On Sunday (Jan. 31), Cardi first revealed that she had an “announcement” the next day. To make this statement about the announcement, Cardi wears a black bikini and long denim dress, and the barely-there outfits continued as she disclosed “Up.” The cover art shows Cardi spinning in a simple half-bubble swing while sporting a pink outfit that left the mind with nothing. On Tuesday (Feb. 2), in an Instagram post, she recreated the dress. She captioned the clip, “The outfit was all sticker on,” which showed her gyrating next to a mirror.

“Up,” a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion that embraced female beauty and arrived with a star-studded song, follows Cardi’s landmark-in-the-making single, “WAP.” Since then, on the music front, Cardi has been relatively silent. On a BLACKPINK single (“Bet You Wanna” and a track by Anitta, she lent her tone, but it was for Cardi for the majority of the time. Fans were patiently anticipating her follow-up to the Privacy Invasion of 2018, and Cardi seems ready to drop her widely awaited sophomore release.

Cardi is back in the Super Bowl in addition to releasing fresh songs. In a Wayne’s World Reunion shot for Uber Eats’ Super Bowl LV ad, Ms. Almánzar, who played in Pepsi’s gameday ad in 2019, featured alongside Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey). “Y’all know I love to eat, and we have to support our local restaurants right now,” Cardi said in a tweet about the ad, stressing “Eat Local” to audiences by ordering food through Uber Eats from nearby restaurants.

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