Wonder Woman 1984: Who Wouldn’t Wish To Be Like Her?

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Actually! This woman in crimson, blue and gold appears to have all of it! The oozing appeal, rocking body, a stunning face without even mentioning yet that this woman is the strongest woman on Earth! If you have watched  the film, you will possibly feel sympathetic to Dr. Barbara Minerva for wishing in the dreamstone to be like Diana. She got a taste to be her eventually however she renounced her wish in the end. Wishing in the dreamstone can make your dreams a reality but with an astounding prize in exchange.

I would not mind wishing some things for myself either!  Anyway, the film emphasizes on figuring out the truth, believing the truth and accepting the truth. You would not want for something apart from what you have already got if you have accepted and embraced all truths inside your self.  A few of these truths will not be easy in any respect and you would possibly even deny which appears to be the perfect recourse.

Diana appears to have all the pieces fit with everything that she has however her heart remains to be longing for her lost love, Steve. Steve, the pilot who died and sacrificed himself for the greater good. The very person who Diana has given her heart fully! It is almost impossible to see all her loneliness from her outward looks which would only exhibit her ideal qualities as a woman. All of the social media savvy these days similarly provides this impression to the general public eyes with no show of the private struggles they might presently experiencing.

The film is charming as a whole. It’s an action-fantasy film with a hoop of reality in each flip. It’s a film that you would love your children to watch as it will train them of truth telling and that dishonesty or cheating will not ever give any sweet reward ultimately. Moreover, it’s also about celebrating yourself and knowing that you are enough and worthy of admiration.

Where Did These Women Came From?

As much as I love the film, I cannot help to be curious how did the women in Themiscyra reproduced if there have been no males in any respect? At the beginning of the film when the younger Diana was about to compete with the grown-up Amazon women, there have been quite a large number of women watching. It is only a curious notion on my part as this was not explained within the film. Diana’s origin was already explained in the first installment of the film being the daughter of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and the great god Zeus.

Diana Gave Up Her Man

It was a bitter-sweet ending when Diana was in a position to conquer the ability of the dreamstone by renouncing her personal wish. One might simply think about how she lived her life for years without growing old a single day and without her man as well. It was a nearly happy ever after for her. Diana coincidentally met once more the person whose body was briefly inhabited by Steve and you can simply conclude of a possible romance brewing in there. All we can do now is wait!

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