McCarthy and Trump: Could this lead to “lock him up”?

McCarthy Trump Impeachment trial article, images says any functional adult in 2021
Any functional adult in 2021
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The call between McCarthy and Trump

There are reports that on January 6th, when the Capitol was being stormed by rioters, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy had a heated conversation with the then-President Donald Trump. During the expletive-laced phone call, which turned into a shouting match, Trump supposedly said that the rioters care more about the election than McCarthy, while the Bakersfield Republican was shouting that the President doesn’t know, who is talking to and urged him to take immediate action against the crowd of people that are trying to break into his office.

The details of the conversation between the House GOP leader and the ex-President have been confirmed by several Republican members of Congress, that claim this conversation clearly shows the state of mind that Donald Trump was in during the attacks in Washington and that he was showing support for the rioters, even though members of his own party were begging him to stop the siege.

So far, neither McCarthy nor Trump have given an official response to the latest news regarding the phone call.

What impact it can have on the impeachent trial ?

The story comes after the fourth day of the impeachment trial currently held in the Senate. It began after all House Democrats and ten members of the Republican party accused the then-President of inspiring the riots that occurred in the Capitol on the 6th of January.
This new storyline can drag out the impeachment trial further, because unlike before, many democrats are now asking for witnesses to be called and questioned, as a way for the American people to learn the whole truth about what happened on that day and ex-President Donald Trump’s reaction to the events.

The news of this phone call comes after statements made by Trump’s lawyers during the trial, who couldn’t say when he found out Rioters were in the Capitol or what he did to stop them. Many Democrats are now stating it is clear that the Trump defense to the Senate and that the reported conversation with the House GOP Leader proves that Trump was supporting the attack and the people that were behind it and even urging them on.

On Twitter, Democratic senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Jeff Merkley are calling for the impeachment proceedings to be suspended, so that McCarthy and Tommy Tuberville can be subpoenaed and deposed under oath in front of the Senate.

A lot of blue voters are supporting this idea, while others are also calling for ex-VP Mike Pence and Trump’s secret service detail to also be called onto the floor and questioned.

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Currently, the Senate is set to hold a rare Saturday session for closing arguments in the impeachment trial. Afterward, Senators are set to hold a vote on whether the then-President Donald Trump will be held accountable for influencing the riots that occurred in the Capitol on the 6th of January.

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