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Clubhouse – just a trend or the next big thing?

Is Clubhouse a future trend?
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“Gift of the Gods” to some, elite club to others. The Clubhouse audio chat app leaves no one indifferent in Silicon Valley, especially not since it was valued at $100 million by investors. In beta version and available only by invitation, the ultra-confidential platform is visited by more than 1,500 users. But most of them are visitors who love this unique medium. A sign of the increased demand for alternative forms of social media. Discover with us five reasons why Clubhouse will take over the social networks landscape.

5 Reasons why Clubhouse will take over the social networks landscape

1. Innovative concept

In the Clubhouse, there are no pictures, extended posts, or video clips. A new kind of social network. Clubhouse is based on live audio sharing. There are hundreds of private and public chat rooms, which allow the community to interact freely. Halfway between a free-to-air radio show and podcast content that would be broadcast live, Clubhouse gives free rein to discussion among users. The camera is never used; however, the essence of the app focuses on sound.

For instance, a lounge will allow you to join a conference led by one or more speakers, ask questions, and interact with the rest of the group. In another, you may come across a heated debate about a social issue. Public lounges allow you to chat with friends or strangers.

2. Inspiring story

Paul Davison and Rohan Seth are behind this app, launched less than a year ago. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic’s gloomy atmosphere, it quickly convinced investors by raising $12 million last June. But it was in the fall that things picked up financially for Clubhouse. Thus, the two founders of the app completed a second fundraising round, which enabled them to raise 100 million dollars and be carried by 180 investors.

3. VIP community

Access is by invitation only. This has so far been one of Clubhouse’s main features. Despite this (temporary) constraint, the app boasts of having 2 million active users every week. The fact that Clubhouse is currently only reserved for a few happy few allows it to build an exclusive and premium image, like a private IRL club. Anonymous people for the moment rub shoulders with stars of Silicon Valley and stars of entertainment. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Drake or 21 Savage have already participated in discussions on Clubhouse.

4. Fewer dangers

Until now Clubhouse has been limited to a handful of users. The app aims to expand soon to as many people as possible in the coming months. Clubhouse moderation has so far been carried out by the rooms’ creators, who act as both facilitators and moderators. A viable model given the community’s small size, which will nevertheless have to reinvent itself once the app is accessible to everyone.

5. Social ties

Carried by a growing hype and an intriguing concept, Clubhouse meets above all an almost vital need of our time, creating social ties. Born amid the Covid-19 pandemic, this application allows strangers to connect and communicate vocally easily.

Already overloaded, the offer of social networks has so far not responded to this elementary problem. People more than ever need to talk to each other, debate, exchange, and share. Simultaneously, Clubhouse is riding the podcast and audio consumption trend, which has been on the rise in recent months.


For all the reasons mentioned above, it seems that Clubhouse’ future is bright. Clubhouse is destined to take over the social networks landscape.

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