It’s not a winter wonderland – weather disaster strikes several US states

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It’s not a winter wonderland across the USA. Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and other states are declaring an emergency situation as the weather gets worse and worse.


The lone star state is preparing for a historic, unprecedented winter storm. Temperatures have been rapidly dropping and are currently at all-time lows, while heavy snowfall is causing issues with electricity. Amidst the disaster, Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for every county in the state. On Sunday, the White House approved the request for an emergency declaration. This will allow the Federal Emergency Agency to assist all of Texas. Providers of electricity are worried that the energy grid will not be able to hold up to the consumption that people will be using at home. As a measure to prevent a complete fallout, rotating power outages were put in place across the state.


The winter disaster from Texas is spreading across other states. Several counties in central Ohio declared snow emergency level, due to the unprecedented winter weather that is expected to continue until Tuesday. The forecast is for the storm to begin on Sunday and to last until mid-week, with expectations for significant snow accumulation. The NWS (National Weather Service) is stating that they are expecting amounts ranging between 4 and 8 inches. Additionally, sleet and freezing rain are also in the weather forecasts.


Yet another place that has been hit by the unprecedented cold weather. Northeast Oklahoma has been experiencing power outages and the electric grid operator is urging all citizens to lower their energy consumption as much as possible.


The Missouri Department of Transportation is reporting that heavy snow and ice are making roads dangerous. The state is urging people to remain at home unless travel is critically required.
Missouri has been preparing for the winter weather for several days now. And all equipment is ready to do the work, to avoid unprecedented emergencies on the road.

Other areas in the US are also in unprecedented situations due to the cold weather.

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