“It was a mistake”: Ted Cruz on his Cancun trip amidst Texas disaster

horrible texans

Horrible time for all Texans

The state of Texas has been going through an emergency state of affairs for over a week now. The lone star state has been hit by snowstorms and extremely cold weather. As these are abnormal weather circumstances for this a part of the country, the state and its cities have been unprepared to take care of the catastrophe. This has led to lots of residents being left without clea water, power and heat.

Within the midst of a disaster, senators are normally anticipated to assist with organizing reduction efforts throughout their states. They’re additionally anticipated to offer the general public with correct info and coordinate the assistance from different relief efforts. Primarily, it’s the job of the senators to provide support to the governor and show concern for his or her constituents.

Where is Ted Cruz ?

Nonetheless, senator Ted Cruz was nowhere to be seen. A couple of days ago, information broke out that Cruz had left Texas to go on a trip in Cancun together with his family. Due to this impromptu trip, the senator got under fire from both Republicans and Democrats for leaving to go to warm and sunny Mexico, whereas his state suffers from its worst disaster in many years.

Because the information of Cruz’s family vacation broke out, many Democrats have called for his resignation. U.S Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been calling for it ever since the events from the 6th of January, continued her criticism of the Senator tweeting: “If Sen. Cruz had resigned in January after serving to gun up a violent rebellion that killed a number of individuals, he may’ve taken his trip in peace. Texans ought to proceed to demand his resignation.” She is organizing a number of different relief efforts throughout the state and is expected to go there and assist the citiziens on Friday.

“I regretted it as quickly as I sat down within the airplane”: Ted Cruz returns to the US

Amidst the accusations that had been coming from each the left and the right, Senator Ted Cruz was seen boarding a plane from Cancun last night. He was looked to be heading back to Texas. In a brief interview for a Houston TV station, he acknowledged that his move to go on the trip was not good.

“Look, it was clearly a mistake and in hindsight I would not have done it it”. He doubled-down on said: “”I used to be attempting to be a dad, and all of us have made choices — while you’ve obtained two ladies who’ve been chilly for 2 days and have not had heater energy, they usually’re saying ‘Hey, look we do not have college why do not we go, let’s get out of right here.’ I believe there are lots of mother and father that will be like, ‘Look, if I can do that nice.’ That is what I wished to do.”

In a while, he changed his statement and stated: “Yesterday, my daughters asked if they might make a journey with some friends and Heidi and I agreed, so I flew down with them last night , dropped them off right here and now I’m headed again to Texas and continuing to work in an attempt to get the power on.”

As this weather continues to be a problem for the lone star state, it’s possible that the moves of the senator can be will be monitored closely. Especially when we take into consider how he has dealt with the state of affairs up to now.  

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