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Paris Hilton Gets engaged for the 4th Time – this time Carter Reum

Paris Hilton engaged
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Paris Hilton is formally an engaged lady again. This time, Hilton’s one-year entrepreneur Carter Reum, engaged to the socialite, and he supposedly spent $1 million on his new fiancée on a personalized engagement ring.

“When Carter dropped to one knee, a nice pre-dinner walk on the beach turned into something more. It was the kind of proposal I had always dreamed of, accompanied by a special ceremony with family and close friends,” Hilton wrote on her website.

Reum unveiled Hilton to Jean Dousset, the great-grand-grandson of the famous jeweler Cartier, with a rather fashionable emerald-cut engagement ring. This is not the first time Hilton has had an engagement ring on her finger, though. In 2018, after he popped the question with a 20-carat pear-shaped diamond, The Simple Life star said “yes” to actor Chris Zylka. Though Hilton and Zylka never made it to the altar (the commitment ended later that year), one of the history textbooks was her $2 million rock from Zylka. She was engaged to model Jason Shaw and shipping heir Paris Latsis twice before that, and her diamonds were almost as envious.

First proposal Paris Hilton & Jason Shaw

Before she grew 21 years old in 2002, Hilton was first proposed and engaged to model Jason Shaw. Shaw seemed to have engaged with a huge pear-shaped diamond set on a gold band, but not much is known about their short marriage.

Her eight years senior, Hilton and Shaw’s marriage only lasted a few months, and the pair called it quit in 2003. They did, however, stay friendly again in 2010 and also fueled romantic speculation.

Second proposal Latsis

In May 2005, Hilton, this time to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, was engaged for the second time. After just eight months, the idea came into their relationship, and Latsis supposedly introduced 15 separate engagement rings (by acclaimed jewelers such as Tiffany and Harry Winston) to Hilton to pick from. Undoubtedly, Hilton selected a rumored 24-carat ring that reportedly cost Latsis $5 million, her biggest engagement ring to date.

However, Hilton called off her engagement to Latsis in September 2005 and issued the following statement: “I’m sorry to declare that I’ve called off my engagement. I’ve learned over the past couple of months that this is the best decision for me. We stay best friends, and I will love him forever. During this emotional moment, I hope people will respect my privacy.”

Third proposal Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka

When she revealed her engagement to actor Chris Zylka in 2018, Hilton hit the headlines again. He engaged the socialite on a mountaintop in Aspen and gifted her with a jaw-dropping pear-shaped diamond ring. A pear-cut central stone enclosed by a halo of diamonds placed on a double diamond pavé band starred the 20-carat stunner (which allegedly cost Zylka $2 million).

However, Hilton only kept the engagement ring for 10 months, as she separated in November 2018 from the star. “A source told people after news of the end of the engagement broke, “The relationship moved very rapidly, and she knew it was not right for her.” That autumn, Hilton broke up Zylka’s engagement, and while California law demands her to return the bauble, she allegedly seemed to have no interest in giving it back in 2018.

Fourth proposal Carter Reum

Hilton got engaged for a fourth time to an entrepreneur Carter Reum while vacationing on a private island to mark her 40th birthday. As the right time to propose to the DJ, Reum wanted an intimate stroll on the sand. And while her newest ring of engagement bears a subtle similarity to a ring of her history, this latest rock is unique in several respects.

To design a personalized engagement ring for his fiancée, Reum tapped renowned jeweler Jean Dousset, Louis-Francois Cartier’s great-great-grandson. The engagement ring, fittingly called “Paris,” features a 10 to 20-carat emerald-cut central stone surrounded by two shield-cut diamonds, both appropriate for a stress setting. The little pavé diamonds are around the diamond on the slopes and the ring’s crown base. This ring is extra bling and retains its elegant aspect,” offered the jeweler Ajay Anand, CEO of Rare Carat

‘Paris’ ring incorporates some of the hottest engagement ring patterns this year: extended cuts and three-stone designs,’ adds Kathryn Money, Brilliant Earth’s senior vice president. And both she and Anand compromise on the price tag: Reum’s Hilton engagement ring costs just over $1 million, which is shockingly cheaper than her previous rings.

While Hilton has made three previous engagements, she still has to go down the aisle, but we hope for the fourth time’s elegance. And if there are signs from the custom production of Reum and its nice sense behind the new Hilton diamond ring, we think Hilton is finally a bride to us!

As Carter approached the finest diamond cutters, polishers and jewellers to create the ring, which is appropriately dubbed ‘Paris’ after his wife-to-be, Paris says ‘not a detail was spared.’ According to The Natural Diamond Council, it seems like he’s doing a very good job, as Paris’ ring would go down in history. As one of the most exquisite and glamorous of all time, this diamond engagement ring is guaranteed to go down in history.

Following the announcement, some of Hilton’s friends left messages for her. In response, Kris Jenner weighed, “Congratulations!!!!!!! So excited and happy!!!!” Rachel Zoe posted, “soooooo happy for you.” Heidi Klum stated, “Congratulations. I am so happy for you two. Sending lots of love.”

Hilton boasted about Reum on Instagram last December, claiming he makes her feel like a Princess.

“Happy 13 Month Anniversary, my love! You leave me feeling like I am in a Disney Fairytale. I love being your love! ” she captioned a photo of the two. Never in my wildest imaginings could I ever dream of such wonderful, unique love!

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