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She has it all, but not really. Twelve years under conservatorship has fueled and strengthened more the movement of freeing the sensational pop star Britney Spears. Her fans all over the world and the ones who truly cared about her are the people behind her documentary Framing Britney Spears with the goal to free her or at least grant the pop star’s request to change her conservator who is currently her father Jamie Spears.

The question here is, does she really need freeing? Or this conservatorship is nothing but a big help to her well-being to be able to live more in peace and happiness. This being said, I would emphasize retaining her father as conservator because Britney clearly has expressed on several occasions that she wanted someone else to be in charge of her or her money.

Listening to the statements of her assistant Felicia Cullota and her back-up dancer/tour director Kevin Tancharoen Britney is capable of making sound decisions. In her previous interview, she stated that she is indeed in control otherwise she will be overwhelmed by others. The documentary gives you a picture who Britney really is in the eyes of the people who cared for her and the people she previously worked with and upon hearing their sides, I could tell that the media did really wronged her.

In the beginning, Britney Spears was happy

In the earlier stage of her career, she seemed to enjoy and cooperative with the media. She waved to them and smiling as if the media were truly her friends. She started to seem so wary about the media following her around was when she had her kids. She fears for children. She wanted to hide them or protect them from the spotlight. She had been through a lot of criticisms. One picture of her had been enough to paint her as a different person from who she really is.

The Framing Britney Spears documentary is a big move to help her be free of her conservatorship and this conservatorship is also the same reason why she was not able to participate in the documentary herself. The primary subject is not present to actually express her side is a big loophole that every viewer of the documentary might be craving now. Britney’s situation now has forbidden her to answer or participate in an interview without legal approval. Even in this pursuit of her freedom, she and her fans are bound to be limited.

No one could possibly be happy living a life wherein your every move must have someone else’s approval as if it is their lives were at stake. Even though Britney is not in liberty to make a call in this documentary, it is enough to any sane and free person to believe that she needed help and this help she will receive in any form possible.

Perhaps, this year 2021 will turn out to be a year for her. The Free Britney Movement supporters are growing in numbers. These people are willing to offer their time and effort to rescue one person who they did not meet necessarily in person but has influenced them in many great ways.

What do you think?

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