Meghan McCain calls for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired


Yesterday, on the popular ABC show “The View’, one of its commentators and famous Republican – Meghan McCain criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci over his comments on the vaccine and its roll-out in the United States.

During one segment of the show, the hosts were discussing the US Covid-19 death toll, which is close to reaching 500.000 people. When asked to comment, McCain rolled out a clip from an interview that Dr.Fauci gave to CNN.

In the short video, the interviewer asks him whether, our older family members will be able to visit us after they get the vaccine. Fauci’s response sounded a little uncertain, as he explained that he will not give any recommendations on national television. He stated that his team is still looking at the data, in order to be able to answer these questions.

McCain criticizes Fauci’s “mixed messaging”

After the clip ended, McCain began her critique of Dr.Fauci’s approach to the vaccination. The co-host claimed that his mixed messaging and downplaying the effects of the vaccine may cause for many people to not understand the point behind immunization. She elaborated on that statement by saying that people want the vaccine, so that they can return to normal life – seeing friends, family and not wearing masks. And in that sense, Fauci’s message is unclear. The 32-year old continued by saying that Israel has already vaccinated more than half of their population and that they commonly use signs like “Get a shot, take a shot”, as a way to signal to citizens that vaccines are the path to going back to normal life.

Meghan McCain went further and criticized the government for the whole roll out of the vaccine, which she called “a disaster”. She said that even she, in her privileged position – as a co-host of a popular show and a daughter of a famous politician doesn’t know when or how she can get the shot.

She ended her part of the segment by saying that Biden should fire Dr.Fauci and appoint someone who understands science.

Fire her – a wave of Twitter comments after the show

After the show ended, McCain faced enormous amounts of flashback on social media. Many people were criticizing her for complaining about not knowing when she can get vaccinated. Others claimed that she seemed like a whiny, privileged individual, who for the first time can’t get what they need. A big a part of the general public asked for for McCain to be fired from the show and replaced with another conservative.

Republicans defend McCain and help her stance

Nevertheless, some folks shared the Meghan’s opinion on Dr.Fauci and the vaccine rollouts within the US.
Conservative commentator and host, Ben Shapiro, got here out with an analogous assertion on Twitter and defended his fellow Republican:

And McCain additionally defended her stance on the platform:

What do you think?

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