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Avengers Story Gives Way to WandaVision


WandaVision is a new Marvel series that will make you feel awkward and a little disappointed in the beginning. This extension of the Avengers story is in black and white sitcom from its first and second episode.

How could this two serious characters from Avengers become funny main characters? Hilarious, isn’t it? WandaVision is set during the time after the End Game when the Avengers have successfully defeated Thanos. Now, Wanda and Vision are married and living happily at Westview New Jersey. They become regular people who tries to fit in with their neighbors. Vision got a job in an office while Wanda stays at home doing all the household chores being a dutiful wife (still using her powers).

WandaVision in Colors

You would probably think that you will have to endure watching your two favourite superheroes become normal individuals in WandaVision but as this sitcom reached episode 3, it seems like there is more! Wanda is pregnant and their little sitcom is no longer in black and white! She gave birth to twins, so much for Vision’s happiness of becoming a father. Perhaps, no more fighting for villains for them.

It is getting serious

No more funny lines this time. Wanda seems to have a little secret. This is the time when I remembered how Vision died. The Mind Stone was destroyed in the Infinity War and then it was taken again in the End Game. Vision cannot possibly be alive since the Mind Stone is the one that fuels his life.

Wanda’s secret

Wanda took Vison’s remains after the last war. She reconstructed him again inside an energy field using her powers. The energy field basically envelops the town where they live. A pretty tricky idea. S.W.O.R.D.S. comes in the picture. I have not heard of this sub department of S.H.I.E.L.D. until now as they try to uncover what happened to the missing town of Westview.

Wanda discovered her neighbor Geraldine to be someone who she suspects knew about her and her twin brother Pietro ( She cast her out of the energy field. Wanda eventually showed herself to the members of S.W.O.R.D.S. who are now branding her as the villain for hiding the town and the people in it.

More awaits for these two Avengers

Wanda’s power now fluctuates. Vision was almost destroyed after getting out briefly in Wanda’s energy field. Geraldine went back inside the hidden town of Westview to confront and help Wanda. Wanda must now face Vision’s questions about their secret world and how some new truths will affect their growing family.

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