Biden Administration commands attack in Syria

The Biden Administration has been in office for just 36 days.

During these first few weeks, a lot of questions were raised. About raising the minimum wage, stimulus checks for those in needs, helping the state of Texas in this time of crisis and many more. At the time of the election, the Biden-Harris duo gave progressives hope that the new presidency will look to bring change to the current Washington status-quo. As of now, it looks like that won’t happen.

A few days ago, it was reported that the first facility for migrant children will open its doors under the Biden Administration.

This caused quite the stir on social media, since it was democrats that criticized the Trump Administration for their treatment of immigrants. AOC, among many others, gave her opinion about the situation stating that “it will not be okay under any administration”.

U.S sends out strikes in eastern Syria

In light of all mentioned above, Reuters reported that the U.S bombed facilities that belong to Iran-backed militia in eastern Syria. According to the Pentagon, the strikes were limited in scope and came as a response to the attack on a U.S military base on February 15th. During this attack near the Erbil International Airport in the Kurdish-run region, one non-American contractor was killed, and several US personnel were injured.

For now, the Biden administration’s decision to only strike in Syria, but not in Iraq gives the Iraqi government time to conduct an independent investigation of the attack on the U.S military base.  

Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby, said to journalists that the strikes were meant to send a signal that the U.S will protect it’s personnel and partners, however does not want to further de-stabilize the situation in Syria in Iraq.

So far, there is no official comment from the Syrian government on the bombings. There are also no reports on casualties resulting from the strikes as of yet.

The White House has also not come out with an official statement. The only official information from the Biden Administration is that the president chose one of the most limited responses to the situation.

Reactions from the public

However, on Twitter many members of the Democratic party and left-wing voters were disappointed by the president’s actions.

A lot of progressives are commenting on the fact that the US is filled with other issues that need immediate solving and that bombing other countries shouldn’t be a priority. There are a numerous amounts of tweets like “We said raise the minimum wage, not bomb Syria.” Others are saying that the situation in Washington continues to be the same and for now it looks like nothing is changing.

We will be following this story and providing updates as time goes on.

Stay tuned.

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