Prince Akeem is back in America

Back in America
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An American dream for the Prince of Zamunda in his return! Eddie Murphy will reprise his role as Prince Akeem, the crowned prince who went to America, the land of opportunity to look for a bride. In this 2021 version, he discovered through his father the existence of his long-lost son! Where will this new journey lead him when father and son reunite.

An unexpected return

It has been 30 years since the last release of the first installment of Coming to America. This 2021 sequel came as a pleasant surprise to Eddie Murphy. Who would have expected anyway? According to his interview in Sky News :

 “I totally was not thinking about doing a sequel to this movie because the story ended and they lived happily ever after, that was the end of it and we went on with our lives.

“But then Coming To America, of all the movies that I’ve done in the last 40 years, Coming To America is the only one that became like a cult movie (

The Prince who found his bride in America

In the 1988 version, Prince Akeem was just like any prince who is absolutely pampered in all his needs. He grew tired of it all and wanted some adventure to find his own worth and be loved for it. He was adamant of the arranged marriage made by his father. Prince Akeem then went to America got hired for a job and learned to live a simple life. In the end, the much greater prize for this endeavor was when he found his true love, Lisa.

The Prince who needs to find his son

It was almost a happy ending in the first installment of Coming to America only to be confused with this comeback. Where is Lisa? Who is the mother of the prince’s son? There is so much about this film that we all have to look forward for on March 2021. Wherever in America the prince must start his search, one thing for sure is the humor and fun that this film will bring us. Eddie Murphy never fails to pull off a character that will tickle your heart out with laughter.

A few more months of waiting until this crowned prince and his quirky facial expression will grace his way back to America!

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