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Crazy Deepfakes – Tom Cruise on Tiktok

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

Deepfakes aren’t new, we’ve had deepfake videos in the past from several influencers, celebrities, and political figures. From Ex-US President Barack Obama to Hollywood A-grade charm Robert Downey Jr, one would find all sorts of deepfakes on youtube.

Guess, who is under the spotlight this time? It’s none other than Mission Impossible Actor Tom Cruise, whose deepfakes are getting lots of eyeballs on TikTok.

If you have never heard of TikTok, it’s the daily dose of entertainment for many million people worldwide. This short-video platform made @deeptomcruise go viral on its platform. 

Tom Cruise Deepfakes

It all started on Tuesday (23rd Feb), @deeptomcruise started uploading clips of Tom Cruise talking on camera, showing off a magic coin trick, tripping, and cracking jokes. When a few handles spotted this at first, they had presumed that it’s Tom who’s actively doing all this stuff. But slowly one after another user started pointing out glitches in videos.

These deepfakes that look accurate had some mistakes, like the actor who had acted as Cruise appeared to be taller than him. That made people realized that it’s not him but someone else who has duplicated Tom Cruise Face with the help of AI. By far, this @deeptomcruise has garnered more than 166K followers on TikTok.

In a world filled with fake news and fabricated media, videos were the only reliable consideration to back the truth. But with this facial recognition algorithm, everything has become a hoax. It has become way more difficult to identify the real story through pictures and videos.

@deeptomcruise is a live instance, thank god it went viral for good reason!

The Problematic Factor

Deepfakes might be problematic if this technology falls into the wrong hands. The amount of damage would be insane, we can’t foresee where this could lead, imagine the technology gets better, this could lead to a worse case scenario.

At this point in time, there are just used for fun banter. But, what happens if a criminal decides to call your grandmother and ask her for the bank details with your face?

Because of this, we had seen experts using the face of Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth 2, and more campaigning to raise awareness. The risks are always high but at the same time, such videos from @deeptomcruise are getting affection online and the clips are being shared with their family, friends, and Whatsapp groups. The future is exciting and all this technology could be used for good things.

What do you think?

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