Lady Gaga Promises $500k Reward After Robber Steals Her Two Pet Dogs

Lady Gaga

According to two sources linked to the Oscar- and Grammy-winning star, Lady Gaga promises $500,000 for her two French bulldogs’ safe and secure return after an anonymous person kidnapped them and shot the person who walked her dogs in Hollywood on Wednesday evening.

The sources said that the pop star “Offering half-a-million bucks, no questions asked everyone with her two dogs. This email address, [email protected], can be used by anybody who has the dogs to claim the reward.” Koji and Gustav are the dogs’ names.

According to the Los Angeles police, a 30-year-old man was walking three of Gaga’s dogs when an anonymous male shot him around 9:40 p.m. local time in the 1500 block of North Sierra Bonita Avenue. The dog walker was taken to the Emergency Center of Cedars-Sinai, where he was healthy on Thursday night, police said. A family member identified him as Ryan Fischer. Sources connected to Gaga said he was “well healed.”

Authorities in the robbery-homicide division of the police department are looking for the gunman. He, they said, used a semi-automatic weapon and rushed from the scene with two of the three dogs, which were there in a white Nissan Altima. The robber could not steal the third dog. According to NBC Los Angeles, a video from the scene shows a cop carrying a black French bulldog in a blanket and placing it into a patrol vehicle. Known for their big, bat-like ears, French bulldogs are small. The American Kennel Club stated that French bulldogs are the fourth most renowned dog breed in the United States.

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, released a picture collection of dogs in Halloween Chia pet costumes in October 2018.

Lady Gaga in Rome while being robbed

Gaga, who made a film in Rome when the dogs were robbed, has not publicly spoken on the theft. The event is the first of many aggressive robberies in recent months of French Bulldogs in the United States. A woman in San Francisco was assaulted in January by robbers who brandished a pistol and snatched her French Bulldog puppy. In October, robbers who made off with five puppies kept a North Carolina breeder at gunpoint.

According to Brandi Hunter, a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club, smush-nosed dogs, which can often be sold for several thousand dollars each, have long been the object of criminals because they are pricey and difficult to breed. It advises that owners refrain from sharing photographs on their Frenchies’ social media, mainly if they contain identifying details about where the owners reside. What is new regarding the latest robberies is the level of abuse used, said Andy Lopez, vice president of the Connecticut-based national organization, the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

To protect his dogs from criminals and predators, Lopez said he had mounted surveillance cameras around his house.

The celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a video on Thursday that it said was filmed by a neighbour’s surveillance camera and revealed the assault on the dogwalker. A man yells “help me” in the grainy photos as he begins to struggle with two cars pulling up in a white car until a gunshot is heard.

Lady Gaga’s Dog Robbery Case Is Not New As Dog Robberies Are Getting Common

Although it is unknown if the Gaga dognapping was intentional or random, dog stealing is a fairly common phenomenon. The American Kennel Club estimates that nearly 2 million dogs are stolen every year, so don’t assume you’re secure just because you’re not a star. Some dogs are picked up for ransom, but many purebred dogs are taken for substantial benefit with the aim of resale, and French bulldogs (like Gaga’s) regularly rate in the top 5 most stolen breeds in the United States, generating an average of $2,500 each in resale.

The LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division, which manages high-profile Los Angeles cases, is probing Lady Gaga’s condition, but what can mere humans do when beloved pups are stolen? Call an investigator for a pet. Jamie Katz, a fortuitously appointed Fort Lauderdale private investigator, has been the go-to pet detective in South Florida because of her unusually high success rate in retrieving lost dogs (stolen or otherwise). Owners suspect that their animal has been robbed in specific incidents of pets going missing from home without really understanding anything for sure.

How Investigators Track Lady Gaga’s Stolen Dogs

Katz explains that most investigations commence with the use of her trained scent dogs. “My tracking dogs are specific to the scent I send them, and they follow the scent in the air, ensuring that the lost animal does not have to hit the ground for my dogs to be able to follow the scent,” she says. If the smell runs cold in front of the house or on a driveway, it usually means that a pet has been put in a car and has been robbed. The case becomes so much like the case of a missing person in this situation or in a situation like Gaga’s when the incident was witnessed.

Katz also advises her clients on the promotional incentives process from here, attracting group attention and bargaining whether the suspect gets in touch with reward/ransom money. Katz collects information from possible witnesses, local video cameras, and neighbourhood networks, as is the case with a missing person. Boldly coloured flyers and photographed social media posts will provide invaluable tips, particularly when dognappers want to sell their victims with online advertising. Katz manages these attempts for a negotiated time along with follow-up tips.

In recovering stolen dogs, Katz says rewards are essential, stressing the need for “a high amount of compensation that is better than what they might sell the dog on the street for.” It is necessary to take the environment, the dog’s characteristics, and, of course, the breed into account. She works with her clients to ensure stable transitions until Katz can find the criminal, or the thief willingly gets in touch for payment, and to make as confident as possible that her client is not more scammed, using all sorts of detective tactics, such as doing background checks, running license plate numbers, and researching phone numbers wherever possible.

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