Should You Join The Audio APP Clubhouse?

Mobile showing Clubhouse logo and cover photo
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash
Mobile showing Clubhouse logo and cover photo
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

The shortest distance between two human hearts is a story. The story is a gateway to connect two souls, that’s why we all rely on Instagram and Facebook to get the best vibes and exceptional stories via pictures, posts and videos.

These apps have become our companions who we meet every day to perceive the array of greats news and rumours of this world.

However, from the past few weeks, we see lots of attraction navigating to this audio-chat app ‘Clubhouse’ rather than established social media networks. 

Why is everyone talking about Clubhouse and not TikTok videos and those Instagram trends?

What is Clubhouse?

When you hit this keyword ‘clubhouse’ on Google, you will get tons of results in the form of blogs, videos, and articles. 

As this app is emerging, “writers, authors and bloggers began covering every relevant news of it.”

Clubhouse doesn’t have those ultra-new features similar to Instagram and Twitch when they were launched for the first time, but it has some fabulous features for audiophiles.

This social media network helps you to engage with others, or host your groups and ask people to join you to share their insightful thoughts on a live chat. It’s more like a conversation through audio than texting each other. 

Do you know? When you open this app in the first place, you will be presented with a list of rooms, and it’s on you where you want to join and listen to conversations.

Who Can Join Clubhouse? 

As the network is a perfect combination of old-school text chat rooms with the immediacy and emotion of the human voice but has also some limitations when it comes to joining.

You can only join live conversations since they are not saved or available offline. Joining isn’t complicated it requires invitations or you are brought by other people who have their active account. Clubhouse has been downloaded by 10 million times has been available for iPhone users to use. The Android Users have to wait for some months to enjoy this ride.

Should You Join this App?

It was Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk who made this app popular and when people got this news everyone started downloading this app.

Clubhouse that had 1,500 weekly active users, now has around 2 million weekly active users. The app is booming like anything!

Top 2 reasons to Join this Platform

You should join this as it is an intimate medium. What does that mean is you can comprehend the tone and pitch of other person whom you are talking to, and identify in what sense that person is talking; Is he/she being sarcastic or humorous with us?

The second is diversity, events and conversation are increasingly held on this app, you wander all around, it’s all yours…

You can ask others to join your live conversation or request them to pull you into their conversation. Many topics are covered so far, as you may see rooms ranging from hip-hop to technology.


It won’t give those experiences which you had on watching TedTalks or Motivational videos. But you will get insightful and valuable thoughts from the experienced person in different rooms on a live chat.

This platform will be a whole new experience for audiophiles, podcasters and others as it enables a plurality of voices and human interactions in a phenomenal way.

What do you think?

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