Why Ex-Bachelor Contestant Taylor Nolan Tweets Causing Outrage?

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Sharing on social media simply defines your beliefs, views and attention. It reveals what you like and what you don’t. But you need to be aware at some levels when you tweet, and you should be more careful with your words and thoughts when you work in front of the cameras. If you don’t and continue doing such, this can turn out to be a mistake and in a worse scenario a nightmare for you.

Ex-Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan is a live example of this.

Recently, Taylor Nolan found herself in a problematic position when her old tweets (Tweets from 2012 or 2013) resurface online which are getting enormous hates from netizens.

What was there on Taylor Nolan Tweets?

There were some Twitter posts (From 2011 or 2012) that were seen circulating on social media last week, especially on Reddit, that show Taylor Nolan using Foul languages on Asian, Jewish and Indian communities in her old Tweets. Offensive remarks were lighted on her tweets that contain fat-shaming and homophobic slurs

People’s React on Her Tweets

Taylor Nolan, one of the contestants from Nick Viall’s season has always been outspoken and popularly known for her bold personality and attitude, was seen disgusting several communities’ beliefs and sentiments on her old Twitter posts when fans uncovered these on Reddit.

What did Taylor Nolan do after these?

When she perceived this news the very next moment she released a statement on Instagram. Reacting to those who shared her old Twitter posts after seven or eight years, “that tweets were resurfacing online, were not surprising to me and I am aware of my problematic, disturbing words which I used in her past.”

Further, she wrote in her post, “How do you think I got to doing the work that I do today?”

Taylor, who works as a mental health counsellor, and has always been outspoken against racism since the day she appeared in the Bachelor franchise.

She was in her Sixth Grade when she had such opinions about Jewish, Asian, Indian and the LGBTQ people, because of White Supremacists surrounded by her.

Now they are the ones (White Supremacist) who have conspired against me by sharing my old tweets, the reason is I left my old life and began my new life standing and raising my voice against those toxic mindsets, said, Taylor Nolan.

Last Message

In her last sentences, she wrote, She would have deleted those tweets before they go viral which stated my hate and disagreements with several communities, but deleting not them is my choice because that was the truth, and I didn’t want to hide them, that is the truth that helped me to become what I am today.

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