Rebelde: School Year Opens in 2022 on Netflix


The Rebels are back! Netflix announced the remake of Rebelde, a  popular Mexican telenovela that aired from October 4, 2004 to June 2, 2006 in Mexico. This was originally an Argentine telenovela created by Cris Morena. It will still be a long wait though, since it will be aired in 2022 and new generation of students will be gracing the halls of Elite Way School. Another school year of music battle, rivalries, test of friendship and the adventure of a student life.

The Rebelde Way

What this fuss is all about? Let us have a sneak peek. the Elite Way School is a school for elite individuals who are given high class standard education. The students will be well groomed for an already expected bright future. Like any other schools, it also offers scholarship for students who do not shine for their money but for their brains in academics. You probably might be getting the picture now (

It’s Official

Yes, it is. Check on this public announcement of EWS.

The New Faces of Rebelde

Netflix just recently launched who will be the new faces of the most awaited characters who have captured the viewers when it was first aired in 2004. Let us have first the only original character, Estefania Villareal will play as the school principal. The new casts are Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jeronimo Cantillo, Lizeth Selene, Franco Masini, Giovanna Grigio and Alejandro Puente.

An Answered Petition

Rebelde has indeed made a mark in the television resulting to a petition filed just to have it back on Netflix ( Now I know that I could organize a petition like this to have my favorite show back! It is still unknown though if Netflix will stick to retaining all the conflicts and direction of the series. It is safe to say how Netflix used to make new twists to enthrall the viewers. Official trailer will be out soon!

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