Why Jennette McCurdy Said GoodBye To Acting?

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We would have never known what happens in actors’ life off-cameras unless paparazzi would have ever existed.

All we assume is people associated with Hollywood have had an easy life. But this isn’t true at all, the story of Jennette McCurdy is enough for you all to learn that “not everyone starts their acting career out of passion.”

Fans have already known that Jennette McCurdy is not coming back to continue her character iCarly, neither she has any plans for other projects nor she is on temporary leave.

Jennette McCurdy Acting Career

California-born actress Jennette McCurdy has played quite a notable characters in TV shows, Series, and has featured in several music albums as well. Out of all, the character of Sam Puckett from the Nickelodeon series was the most loved one.

She has impressed her audience with her work, that’s why after working on more than twenty Television Shows so far, her work was with Ariana Grande in the role of Sam & Cat was one of the best in her career. That’s was like her game-changing point when fans recognizing her as a real talent!

GoodBye To Acting

On February 24, the American actress Jenette shared her Industry experience and revealed the truth behind her acting retirement.

She spoke with her guest Anna Faris on her podcast show ‘Empty Inside’ and her statement was, “I quit a few years ago because I initially didn’t want to do it.”

McCurdy shared, that it was her mom who pushed her to go for acting due to their worse financial situation. She never knew what acting is, after debuting in acting at the age of six, she was the breadwinner of her family.

Talking about her roles, McCurdy said, “so ashamed of the parts that I have done in past.”

Though she was extremely embarrassed when her friends at fifteen found herself in a nickelodeon series. That was her first heartbreaking moment, She has addressed those roles as cheesy and awkward.

Why Has She Retired From Acting?

Jenette was never enthusiastic about acting, she did because her mother encouraged her to do so. The reason she quit this after her mom passed away in 2013, the time when she felt like this is done now, this is the right time to move away from this acting field.

For her, acting was always difficult but she had no choice as she was the only member of her family who earns. She added, “Always, always, always acting was difficult for me in the sense of the anxiety aspect.”

And shared, acting wasn’t a piece of cake what it looks like to outsiders, she would pee 15 times and her heart always pounds when she takes audition.

However, that wasn’t the end of her career, Indeed, she said “GoodBye” to acting, but there are endless opportunities if you focus on your career rather than failures. Currently, she moved on with acting and chose direction and writing as her full time professional.

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