Girl Power: Your Movie Guide To Be Your Best Version

Are you a girl recovering from a broken heart? Is it a bad day at work? You might be in between jobs? Or are you a single mom? As for myself, I am complaining already that I am not achieving something lately! Maybe, we need some nudging once in a while just to remind us how capable we are. Big Time!

If you are like me who is a huge fan of movies in random, here are my own list of women in movies that will inspire you to become your best version. I could still remember how these movies helped me a lot during my down lows to get over the negative thoughts or feelings. These might work for you too!

1. Beth (When In Rome)

“I have a relationship with my job. I love my job. And when I find a guy that I love more than my job then that’s how I’ll know that he is the one”. This is my favorite line in the movie and it literally became my guide in my own love life. Beth is a successful museum curator who does not prioritize relationships although she is hoping deep inside for the right one to come along. She made me confirm my own belief that putting your job first while you are young and capable isn’t a bad idea.

2. Andrea (The Devil Wears Prada)

She’s the girl who sucks at fashion but got hired in a fashion magazine. Andrea may not be like the thin and fashionable models but she is smart and knows her own skills. She worked briefly in the Runway magazine and was set to just make it her stepping stone to achieve her dream of becoming a writer. Yet, the brief period taught her a lot about making choices and finally seeing clearly the things that she doesn’t want to lose in exchange of glamour.

3. Susan (Spy)

Who says an overweight woman cannot be a spy? Well, Susan Cooper will definitely smash such thought! This charming and a little plus size of a woman braced her courage and become a spy to help serve justice to the death of a comrade. It was a false death of course just to penetrate the CIA and to mislead them in their mission. Susan beneath her funny demeanour is actually an excellent spy. It came out a little unexpected for her superior but she definitely saved the day!

3. Lauren Scott (This Means War)

The girl who is courted by two extremely hot secret agents! This is not what made her remarkable for me but her, being a company owner. Her company tests products to determine if they are effective, durable and money saving for consumers.

4. Marni Olsen (You Again)

She got promoted as Vice President of a huge personal relations company. She has come a very long way from her years in high school where she was definitely the opposite of who she currently is. She used to be bullied and was not beautiful nor popular. She worked really hard to improve and become accomplished in the field she chose.

Bianca Piper (The Duff)

This girl somehow reminded me of myself during my school days Bianca is smart but unpopular. She has popular friends though! She doesn’t wear the right clothes for her nor does she know how to handle herself showing how smart she is. She ends up being clumsy and invisible to other people. Gladly, she was able to figure out what is best for her and become confident with herself.

There you go! We all could get through whatever that troubles us because we got all what it takes to succeed. Enjoy watching!

What do you think?

Written by Gossip Whiz


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