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Pokeman Snap

The original Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64™ was a huge hit amongst fans, one which left fans clamouring for its return for decades. This simple game concept was so soothing and fun to play for all kinds of fans, as they went about this relaxing game taking photos of the Pokemon they love. 

     Now Pokemon Snap is back, as a first-person simulation video game titled New Pokemon Snap! It is set to be released on 30th April 2021 and will feature single player rail shooter style gameplay mechanics. Currently being developed by Bandai Namco Studios and set to be published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch. It will be available in multiple languages including Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and American English. The total game size amounts to about 6.8 GB with an ESRB rating “E” for everyone. 

     The gameplay features players traveling using on-rails hovercrafts and conducting Pokemon research by taking photographs of them. This game is the much awaited sequel to the original Pokemon Snap game from way back in 1999, it had taken over 2 decades but the fans finally have what they so wished for. 

The game is already available for pre-order on the official Nintendo website at $59.99. 

Nintendo invites Pokemon fans to explore lush scenery on unknown islands as they snap photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats. Players can seek out and capture ingame photographs of over 200 different Pokemon species in their native environments. The game takes Pokemon Snap to the next level by including varying behaviours and expressions on Pokemon, which are never before seen features, as players encounter and research lively wild Pokemon in their natural niches. Be it patrolling their territories, playing about or lurking in unexpected locations, players need to go out of the way to get the full experience. 

Professor Mirror & Assistant Rita

     That’s not all, Players are to investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon. In order to do so, players travel to the islands of the Lental region, which has the special phenomenon of certain Pokemon and Vegetation appearing to have a special glow. Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita are determined to research this unusual occurrence with the player’s help. Explore dense jungles, arid deserts, sunny beaches and so many more ecosystems as the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon is slowly unraveled via observations of Pokemon thriving in the wild. All photos taken will be assimilated to compile a player unique compendium called the Pokemon Photodex.

Players embark on research expeditions to take photographs, which will be graded by the Professor on a scale of one to four stars, based on details like shot composition, vicinity to the Pokemon and whether or not the Pokemon is facing the camera. They can also throw an item called an Illumina orb to cause the glowing phenomenon and find hidden Pokemon in an area by utilizing the camera’s scan. Players can also retouch taken photos to adjust parameters like zoom, blur and brightness and further stylize them using filters, frames and stickers. After all that is done, they can even upload their snaps online to get their work featured in-game by liking them. 

     So get ready to hop on the player’s trusty on-rails hovercraft travel pod, named the “NEO-ONE”, toss delicious fluffruit to Pokemon to catch their attention and Snap away photo after photo in this all new Pokemon photography experience! 

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