Bright ‘Fireball’ Emerged After Meteor Exploded Over US’ Vermont

Photo by Simon Schwyter on Unsplash

That must have been a thrilling experience for people across Vermont to see a dramatic celestial event that closely… 

On March 7, Burlington Airport has captured some unusual scenes of a meteor streaking through the sky. That produced a pressure wave which caused a loud banging noise when it entered the atmosphere.

Well, it all happened at about 5.40 in the evening and it wasn’t only Vermont who saw this but people from New England and Canada had also experienced this fireball emerging after a meteor explosion.

As this news started catching all the attraction, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a statement on its Facebook page.

NASA’ Statement

NASA Meteor Watch shared a long descriptive post on Vermont’s Meteor Explosion on the 8th of March.

The post explains, whatever happened on 7th March, was a fireball emergence result of a meteor explosion over northern Vermont. People who resided in Vermont saw this dramatic celestial event at about 5.38 PM (Eastern Standard Time); However, the analysis of reports say the meteor that occurred over northern Vermont has first appeared at a height of 52 miles above Mount Mansfield State Forest. Then, it moved northeast at 47,000 miles per hour and travelled through 33 miles above beach hill in Orleans Country south of Newport.

Facebook Post

The independent space agency hinted that it has been working on a detailed trajectory based on other reports and evidence, specifically of video evidence, to share more details on the subject.

And it’s surprising to see the amount of engagement the post has received so far. More than 650 comments and in that, people are still writing and have been reporting that they saw this in Connecticut, Maine,  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. The comments on the post are truly worth spending. Let’s have a look at them

Comments on FB Post

When it comes to space and celestial study one instantly get fascinated by the subject. That simply defines by the engagement the NASA Meteor Post is getting. since it was posted

“It was dusk, so the sky was a deep blue, and I saw a bright red, orange and yellow streak to the north of me,” one Massachusetts eyewitness commented on the NASA post.

Susan Eliot wrote, “I heard the rumble and boom in South Burlington, VT. Now we know what it was.”  Also, Brian McGinn wrote, “I saw this at about 5:38 pm in Hillsboro NH, travelling Northeast before it burned up. Bright red, and orange, bright white right before it broke into pieces and disappeared,” and there were several other good comments.

Video Footage

More than 100 has witnessed this at that moment, however, there was a local news station WCAX, who has also recorded this meteor streaking from the Burlington Airport at 5.40 pm.

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