Google Doodle Commemorates Dr Wu Lien Teh On His Birthday

Google Doodles Celebrates Dr Wu Birthdays
Image Courtesy – Google Doodles

Google Doodles has never failed to surprise us. From political figures to innovators, it has altered its logo several times temporarily, on various special occasions, events, and holidays.

Today, on the occasion of Dr Wu Lien Teh’s 142nd Birthday, Google Doodle celebrates this great scientist birthday by commemorating his phenomenal work which he had done in China’s epidemic, 1910.

Who is Dr Wu Lien Teh?

Dr Wu Lien was a Chinese-Malaysian epidemiologist, was born on the same day in 1879 to a family of Chinese Immigrants in Penang (a state in Malaysia). 

In his initial days, he was recognised as the first student of Chinese descent to earn an MD degree from the University of Cambridge. 

Later, he had received numerous awards including Nobel Prize in Physiology because of his phenomenal role in controlling China’s epidemic, 1910.

Dr Wu was the first who had created a surgical mask to cope up with respiratory diseases in 1910, which later became famous as N95 masks.

Role of Dr Wu Lien in China’s Epidemic, 1910   

After he was honoured with a doctoral degree, in 1908. He immediately joined the Chinese Government to serve as the Deputy Director at the Army Medical College. 

The tragedy happened, when a deadly epidemic broke out in northwest China, after two years of his joining. Which has destroyed nearly 60,000 lives, resulting in its high fatality rate of about 99.9%

In this unbearable circumstance, China had appointed him as a chief investigator and had tasked him with several duties.

Dr Wu discovered that this epidemic is a highly contagious pulmonary plague, that spreads from human to human through the respiratory transmission.

Further, he found that it’s a respiratory disease that can be tackled when we add filters to inhale. It was his miracle mind to design a mask of cotton, gauze, and other fabric layers that helped him and his team to keep people protected from this deadly plague. 

Nobel Prize Nomination

With his sheer leadership and charge at the times of the 1910s, his decision of establishing quarantine stations, disinfecting buildings, and demolishing and replacing the old plague hospital, had contributed in many ways to eradicate this deadly plague within months.

For his greatest mindset, which made a way out to control China’s pneumonic plague, nominated him for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1935 for his outstanding contribution.  

Google Doodles Celebrates Dr Wu Lein’s Birthday

Google Doodles always tribute several greatest contributors, just a year ago, it offered a tribute to Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, known as the ‘Father of Hygiene’. 

Scientist like Dr Ignaz and Dr Wu and others are immensely relevant to our society as these people prove “you die but your work lives forever.”

Dr Wu is no less than a war hero, today, an N95 mask, that has been protecting our generation from Coronavirus, is a creation of this Great Scientist. That’s enough for Google Doodles to alter its logo by his work and face to recall his work on his 142nd Birthday.

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