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7 actors who almost stole the role of your favorite Marvel superheroes: learn the stories


The process to select the actor or actress who will take a superhero to the cinema must be very meticulous and serious. Fortunately for the fans, the Marvel company has not disappointed in terms of the Avengers chosen because it seems that they were born for those roles. However, they were nothing to be other people in charge of the project and put on the suit to fight the bad guys. We tell you who they are!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda is known for participating in romantic films or with juvenile plots such as Heavy Girls, and she is rarely seen in an action project. She could be Thanos’ daughter, Gamora, within the MCU, and she didn’t accept for a reason.

She confessed that it caught her attention and ended up discarding the opportunity because she did not want to spend all the filming days sitting waiting to be painted green because she had already seen an interview in which Jennifer Lawrence said that to paint herself blue for the X-Men movies it was a nightmare. Zoe Saldana was the one who ended the role, and it is difficult to think that such a tender woman would have taken her place.

Daniel Craig

It may sound impossible, but Chris Hemsworth was not the company’s first choice to be the God of Thunder, rather it was the British heartthrob Daniel Craig.

Agent 007 had to decline because he was already committed to recording the world’s most famous spy. It may have been the best for everyone because, honestly his age did not go with the heir of Asgard.

John Krasinski

Krasinski began as a fun middle-class employee on the series The Office, over the years, he managed to shine for his acting skills, and at some point, he could be the first Avenger, Steve Rogers.

He did the casting, and in the end, he knew that he would not get the role because he did not have a worked physiognomy like Chris Evans and yes, one of the requirements to be Cap was to have a strong body.

Wesley Snipes

Famous for bringing Blade to the movies, the vampire hunter had all the attitude and profile to wear the crown as the king of Wakanda, so much so that he was nowhere near being chosen.

Things did not go as expected because the Black Panther films’ development was planned for the nineties. The producers, in the end, canceled everything because they weren’t sure about superhero movies’ commercial viability at the time.

With increased technology and fan knowledge from that story, Chadwick Boseman came at the perfect time to embody T’challa, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Tom Cruise

At this point, it is unimaginable to think of anyone else in the Iron Man suit other than Robert Downey Jr, but years ago, when the project was being planned, another name came up as an option, Tom Cruise.

Legend has it that the two of them were the finalists to play Tony Stark and in the end, the winner was Robert. No matter if Tom had a lot of action movie experience, no one could see him as the comics’ billionaire philanthropist. Can you?

Glenn Howerton

For years, Howerton has been in the entertainment industry but has yet to land a major starring role. It was nothing to be Star Lord thanks to James Gunn, who confessed that he and Chris Pratt disputed the role.

They were not the only two who competed in the end, but the director of Guardians of the Galaxy preferred to keep it a secret to respect the other candidates’ privacy.

Joaquin Phoenix

His performance as the Joker earned him an Oscar award, and although we now see him as the antagonist character of Batman, he confessed that he could be Doctor Strange.

He sat down with the owners to talk about the project, but they never reached an agreement, so nothing could be done but scrapped it. Would it have stayed or not? We made the same face as the image below just after analyzing it.

What do you think?

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