When Your Boss is NOT the Smartest

Thinking that your boss is not the smartest does not necessarily follow that you are smarter. Bosses in general have a complicated job. It is not just leadership and meeting expectations but there is a lot of nitty gritty stuffs in between. According to, the responsibilities of a boss are concise as follows:

  1. Motivate employees
  2. Listen to concerns
  3. Pay fair wage
  4. Reward employees
  5. Communicate effectively
  6. Provide fair treatment
  7. Delegate responsibilities
  8. Encourage teamwork
  9. Provide feedback
  10. Provide employees with resources

It’s quite a list but what if your boss is showing incompetence to-not all but most of the responsibilities in this list? Bosses are usually intimidating at first sight and this could give enough impression that this person is competent and confident. Yet, working with the same person for quite a while would definitely provide you opportunities to see more thoroughly.

The Incompetent Ones

The finger-pointing boss

Nothing could be more annoying than this. Ever since I was taught about leadership, I learned first and foremost that if you are the boss, you are accountable to your subordinates and their actions. Everything that is performed inside the workplace that is under your watch may it result to good or bad is all on you. Meaning, when something goes wrong, you cannot just blame anyone for it but you have to think if you have fallen short in your instructions. Whether you like it or not, you have your share to the mistake.

The boss who just talks

Your boss might also have a boss to impress. What if his efforts to impress his own boss only circulate in doing all the talks without the work? It is of course acceptable that you do not know everything. No one does, anyway. But being the boss, it becomes your responsibility to equip yourself about the job that you signed up for. To put more emphasis into it, it is not just the job under your job description but you also have to learn how the rest of the existing tasks are being performed by your subordinates. You do not have to do it yourself but you have to at least know what is going on to properly check other people’s work.

The payday

Who doesn’t love pay day? Of course we do! Would you still love it though if you keep on listening to your boss when he talks about how much he is making? He is just sitting there counting the days until the next pay day. You might as well tell him to start working on something to finally deserve what he earns!

Always within the line

It is expected that your boss should follow the rules. Remembering the saying “nobody is above the law”. However, there are situations when he needs to think on his own to solve a problem. Following the book might help him with a solution but thinking between and around the rules could not just only solve the problem it can also achieve the goal excellently. Bosses who can provide the solution through analyzing and weighing are far better because you can rely to them in ample situations-most especially to rare ones.

Keeping your cool

No matter how these bosses become a pain in the ass, knowing your limits and stay clear headed can save you from unnecessary stress. You are working with them and it will not be a smart thing if you are going to point out to them how incompetent they are. Chances will be, your boss would slash at you and might do something in his power to sabotage your own work. Try not to look like a threat to him. Help him subtlety. If he learns from you it will make both of your lives run easier in the workplace. Maybe, he cannot be all that bad anyway.

What do you think?

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