5 phrases you should say to your child

5 phrases for your child

Know at all times what you are saying to your child. Phrases are much more important than you might think at first. However, the lack of time and the very fast level of life that the parents lead, means that these phrases or words have little emotional charge or any type of motivating message for the child.

A good education starts at all times, from the words that parents use when addressing their child. Appropriate phrases are key when it comes to reinforcing the child’s self-esteem and motivation.

The relationship of phrases and self-esteem in children

One of the great problems that many children have today is the lack of self-esteem that is quite evident and important. This can be solved with a series of phrases or words that help motivate the little one.

It is not the same to educate a child on the basis of meaningful, affectionate, or affective phrases than to do it on the basis of insults and yelling. In the first case, self-esteem is reinforced, and in the second case, the child will suffer a lack of self-esteem quite evident and clear.

Phrases you should say to your child

The purpose of these types of phrases is none other than to motivate and give security to the children themselves. Do not lose the detail of five phrases that you should say to your children on a regular basis:

  • I trust you. This phrase is essential when it comes to getting the little one to have great self-confidence. The security that the little one can achieve can make it meet many of the objectives set.
  • I understand you, and I understand you. Putting yourself in the child’s shoes is important when it comes to understanding it and for the little one to be able to solve the different problems that he may have.
  • I’m proud of you. If the child feels that his parents are by his side and are happy for what he does, self-esteem and confidence will be strengthened in all aspects. There is no greater happiness for a child than to see how proud his parents are of him.
  • Nothing happens, and try again. Thanks to this phrase, the child becomes more motivated and copes without any problem with any type of adversity that may arise.
  • You can get to do what you want. It is not good to put barriers to children. It is important to motivate them as much as possible so that they can achieve various goals in life.

When it comes to raising a child, words are as important as your own feelings. Many parents show great love or affection towards their children, but are not able to express the same with phrases or words.

If you are a father or mother, it is important that you know that phrases are key when educating a child, and that is why it is good that you know how to express in words what you really feel for the little one.

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