The big question for those who are training at home at this time of pandemic and those who have not yet started, but want to start a routine is:

What is the best exercise to lose weight at home?

There is no better exercise without further ado, but there are combined programs that will facilitate your goal and go beyond aesthetics.

But first, it is important that you complete this preparation list.

  • Prepare the environment to make it more conducive to physical activity;
  • wear light clothing;
  • take your little bottle with water;
  • put a good playlist that motivates you;
  • and a lot of disposition.

Ready. Now you are ready to start your workouts at home. Come on?

6 exercises to lose weight and keep shape at home

First of all find out what works for you. Burning calories is not a cake recipe.

But, as our goal is to help you get started, here are a series of exercises that scientifically show a high caloric expenditure because they are exercises that work more than one joint at a time, and their dynamism does not let the pace drop during training.

Consequently, the caloric expenditure is much higher. So opting for multi-joint and integrated, here are the 9 of the best exercises with body weight:

Arm flexion

Exercises that are properly of upper limbs where there is more than one musculature involved which are: chest, triceps, shoulder, and core.

This exercise is applied with the palms of the hands on the ground and the trunk parallel to the hip that “pushing the ground” with the feet or knees on the floor.

Where there are regressions and progressions within it so that it fits all, dynamic and efficient in caloric expenditure.

Take a look at the video to see how it’s done.


One of the best exercises to lose weight, which works the body in an integral way, is applied when you are upright, flex your knees and torso quickly, and fall towards the ground with your hands flat.

After touching the chest on the ground, push with both hands again, which is shoulder-width apart, to the starting position with the help of your feet, making a vertical jump.

Repeat the movement according to the periodization of your training program.


Well-known and very efficient exercise that leaves no doubt of its importance in this list of best exercises to lose weight at home.

Standing with your legs slightly apart, begin to flex your knees and, when descending, move your hips backwards, leaving your spine fully aligned.

Go as far as the range of motion is healthy for you and then return to the original position.

Repeat as many times as necessary according to your periodization.

Abdominal Climber

A great exercise for core and is very effective in energy expenditure, you can know it by other names.

Here’s how you should perform: start in a high plank position (with your arms fully extended) the body should be well aligned, chest and hips.

Then, contract the abdomen and raise one leg towards the chest alternately, without breaking the pattern of the exercise’s initial posture.

Being able to do it adapted on a bench or a little more difficult on an unstable platform.

Stationary running

The famous “running without moving” is a great option for those who want the exercise to lose weight.

The movement contemplates a small space in your home, using the tip of the feet and alternately raising the knee is an excellent option for aerobic training.

What do you think?

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