Teach your daughter how to love her body and she will be a strong woman: expert tips

According to UN Women, female empowerment is a cultural, educational, and political process that enables women to participate equitably in all aspects of society.

In girls, in particular, it helps them develop their personality, increases their self-esteem, and contributes to healthy growth and a gender perspective.

As parents, it is our responsibility to help them recognize their importance in the world and increase their levels of trust and confidence.

Phrases that every girl should hear

We show you 9 phrases from specialists that will allow you to empower your daughter to become a strong, independent, and resilient woman. Take note!

# 1 Whoever loves you will accept you as you are. Do not change!

Never, but never should you judge or criticize their personality. By disqualifying her preferences, you teach her to be intolerant of the people around her and herself.

Instead, learn to respect her tastes and show her the importance of being true to her ideals, as well as listening to and accepting other points of view.

# 2 I trust you!

It’s a fact: we all have different abilities, strengths, and limitations. When you want to show her a new knowledge or activity, be patient and explain carefully what you need.

Solve all her doubts and avoid reprimanding her if she doesn’t get it right on the first try. The next time you try to teach her something new, you will notice that she will have a better disposition and will learn more easily.

# 3 Failures are acceptable, as long as you learn from them.

Saying that your daughter is bad at doing an activity or exercise is a mistake you should never make. In addition to hurting her feelings, you will give her the false impression that he is incapable of doing any activity.

Encourage her to experiment and show her that it is not wrong to make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them.

# 4 You are the only owner of your decisions.

Preventing your little one from making her own decisions causes her to become insensitive and dependent. Eventually, you will repeat this pattern in your relationships and think that you have no voice of your own.

Let her know that no one can (and should not) influence her choices and that she is smart enough to choose the best for her future.

# 5 Women are your friends, not your competition.

Under no circumstances should you compare your daughter with other girls or convey the idea that they are her competition. This is not only macho behavior, it will also cause you to feel inferior to those around you and have inappropriate attitudes.

6 Knowledge is the most important thing in life

To have a successful and successful life, it is essential that your little one has access to education and culture. Whether you’re taking her to a museum or giving her interactive toys, there are multiple options that will increase her knowledge and pique her curiosity.

Look for activities that interest both of you and go for an afternoon full of joy and fun. In the future, she will thank you!

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