How to relieve stress

Stress management takes in modern times paramount importance. It is essential to be attentive to the phenomenon of normality that stress assumes in modern society. It is incredible how easily it can take over our lives, being part of a fast-paced and sometimes very poorly regulated lifestyle. We get used to a stressful lifestyle, always in a “rush,” sometimes without realizing how much it is affecting us.

Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways, and we all experience stress differently. In excess, it can not only lead to serious physical health problems, but it can also alter our relationships at home, at work, and at school, by the impact, it can have on our mental health.

To know everything about stress, namely, definition, causes, physical and mental symptoms, types, phases, and health consequences, follow this link.

Cognitive approaches to stress vary from individual to individual in the face of a particular event. We only feel stressed when we feel that we do not have the resources to manage a threatening or challenging situation. If we feel that we have the necessary skills to face them, then we will be fine, we will feel more confident and therefore less stressed. It also helps to have someone you can trust, like a longtime partner. In fact, science proves that positive and lasting interpersonal relationships benefit your physical and emotional health.

If you suffer from excessive stress, learn to fight stress and discover the benefits for your health and well-being. Make a good stress management is indeed very important to our health physically and mentally.

Stress – treatment

Finding miraculous stress treatment is not possible. That is, there is no drug treatment, or “home” treatment, or a “natural” recipe that is effective for everyone. Each person develops a unique response to stress, and to that extent, there is no standard treatment to suit everyone. No method works in a general way or in any situation in the same way, it is necessary to try different techniques and strategies.

There is no treatment that allows us to end stress. Talking about treatment for stress is not, therefore, the happiest expression, as its combat or relief is an endless war, fundamentally in modern times. If eliminating stress is not possible, we must learn how to manage it, that is, how to combat stress in an effective and lasting way (these are the ways or strategies of combat).

Here are the different ways to combat stress by developing an anti-stress attitude.

How to fight stress?

In order to combat or relieve stress, always start from this principle:

  1. Avoid;
  2. To alter;
  3. Adapt / Accept

1 – Learn to avoid unnecessary stress. Not all stress can be avoided, but if you learn to say no, to distinguish “duties” from “obligations” on the to-do list, you can eliminate many stressors. Identifying the causes is an important first step.

2 – Change the situation. If we cannot avoid a stressful situation, we should try to change it and deal with problems head on, instead of harboring negative feelings, increasing stress.

3 – Adapt to the stressor. When we cannot change the stress factor, as is the case with an illness, we must try to change ourselves and our view about the situation we face. Rephrasing problems or focusing on the positive things in life. We must accept the things that we cannot change. There will always be stressors in life that we cannot change. Learn to accept the inevitable, instead of protesting a situation and making it stressful. Let’s look at the positive side of the situation, even in the most stressful circumstances, it can be an opportunity for learning or personal growth. Learn to accept yourself, with your potential and limitations.

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