9 actors who filmed scenes with a couple of drinks on top (it helped some)

Behind the movies and series, we see other stories that have to do directly with the actors, actresses, producers, and the entire recording team.

For example, when the interpreters hate their character or actresses have to do everything to avoid being noticed, they are pregnant.

On this occasion, we tell you the story of 7 actors and actresses who recorded scenes after having had a couple of drinks or ingested some substance. Some were not even noticed!

# 1 Margot Robbie

The Wolf of Wall Street was the actress’s great debut in Hollywood, but it involved somewhat challenging scenes, such as the one in which she is shown completely naked.

As she said in an interview, this moment caused her a lot of nervousness, to the point that her hands were shaking on set.

When one of the production assistants saw this, he ‘took pity’ on the actress and offered her some tequila. Even though it was only 9 in the morning, he gave her three drinks. In this way, she was able to perform the scene.

# 2 Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

The Passengers movie was the first in which the young actress had to do an intimate scene, so she was very nervous.

Despite the fact that her co-star had played something similar before, she confessed in an interview that “sometimes, it’s uncomfortable.”

The film’s director, Morten Tyldum, offered both of them a glass of wine before shooting the scene.

Chris Pratt assured that they were not drunk, but that helped them feel more comfortable in the moment.

# 3 Matthew Perry

The charismatic Chandler does not remember anything from recording the third to the sixth seasons of Friends. The reason? In that period, he struggled with alcoholism.

The actor has spoken publicly about his addiction and has even motivated fans who suffer from the same problem to seek professional help to overcome it.

# 4 Kirsten Dunst

Woodshock tells the story of a young woman who falls into confusion and chaos after consuming a very powerful drug. The character also ingests other types of substances.

The film crew thought about playing a prank on the actress and gave her a real marijuana cigarette instead of a fake one.

Before long, Kristen felt so bad that she thought she needed to go to the hospital. Seeing that she couldn’t stop laughing, crying, and eating, the film’s director sent her home to rest.

# 5 Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

Remember the scene from Fight Club where these two actors throw golf balls at a truck? It was completely improvised.

The director, David Fincher, saw Pitt and Norton do the same while resting on set. They both had a couple of drinks on their break and decided to entertain themselves this way.

# 6 Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

Everything indicates that recording intimate scenes is one of the biggest challenges for actors, and the film The Black Swan was no exception.

Different media claim that, to perform their hottest scene, the beautiful actresses drank a little tequila.

# 7 Seth Rogen

On several occasions, the actor spoke openly about his frequent use of marijuana. However, many fans were surprised when, in a 2019 interview, he assured that he had filmed all his films practically under this herb’s effects.

Did you ever imagine it?

# 8 Jack Nicholson

In Easy Rider, there is a scene in which all the characters smoke marijuana while talking about UFOs’ possible existence.

It was long rumored that Jack Nicholson had smoked 155 marijuana cigars during the filming of the film.

Although that number is somewhat exaggerated, he did smoke too much while filming, according to the actor himself.

In fact, he commented in an interview that a large part of the film was drugged.

# 9 Nicolas Cage

Leaving Las Vegas revolves around an alcoholic man who travels to Sin City to continue his addiction.

Although the actor assured that he does not usually drink when he works, it seemed appropriate to do so in this film, so the casino scene in which he seems to lose control was really drunk.

Did you know these stories of the actors? What did you think?

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