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10 Things You Might Hate About Zack Snyder’s Justice League

I am maybe one of those who got a little confused with this new Justice League. Oh, I love DC’s superheroes. I watched it all! Having a new one on film would have been a total blast. Not this time though. This is the almost the same Justice League that was released way back in 2017 but with more added scenes, redundancies, should I say.

Alright, this new version is a director’s cut by Zack Snyder. I got curious so I watched it. There are a few things I hate about it though. I don’t know about you.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a 4-hour film

Yeah, it’s not a little bit, it really is too long to watch. I wouldn’t have mind if the movie has the same genre with Lord of the Rings and other high fantasy films because you would expect more characters as the story progresses. The length of this film is a bore.

The film has this dark aura

I remembered how colourful the first Justice League was. It fills your eyes and affect your mood while watching. This new one looks darker. Like the characters are sombre or somewhat melancholic. I fell asleep while watching and waiting when will the true actions would come in.

Redundant Scenes added

Some scenes are actually helpful. It will help you understand the characters more, just like Cyborg. He was the golden boy in football and he was with his mom in an accident. The rest of the added scenes are nothing too important. They just filled in, thus making the entire film last for 4 hours.  

Flash is seriously injured

The flash was seriously injured by one of Stepenwolf’s minions. He survived, so no worries.

The film is chopped.

You will not be watching it straight because the film is chopped with titles. It is some sort of annoying since it cuts your emotion while watching. You might have already been carried away with how it was going and then cut-a title flashes on the screen. So there you go.

Undefeated Enemy

If you think Stepenwolf is the ultimate villain, he is not. Another Alien from another world seems to be bidding his time to finally have his presence known. Our heroes got a sneak peak of this new enemy after defeating Stepenwolf.

Snyder’s Cut Justice League is slow paced

I got sleepy because of this. I was waiting and eager for the real action. If you could remember how the original one will have you stuck with interest on the screen.

Batman’s new team

It happened in Bruce Wayne’s dream. Thank goodness. Mera is in his dream talking about revenge for Arthur Curry. Joker is teasing him of his shortcomings. Is this a sneak peek for what the future would be for our favourite heroes? Bruce woke up, so we’re back to reality.

Batman greeted an unknown alien

Bruce Wayne woke up from his dream and walked outside of his room in his pajama only. An alien floated down to meet him. The alien introduced himself as Martian Manhunter and promises his allegiance to Bruce and his team of heroes. The scene is too unrealistic to me because Bruce Wayne walked out with no defence on. He greeted this new alien with “Can I help you?”. He might be an enemy!

Crappy ending

Each superhero gets back to their old lives and then Bruce Wayne had that weird dream I was talking about. There was the promise of an enemy coming though. Not so much of an ending. Some have attempted to put justice on it though (

What do you think?

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