You burn calories while you sleep and other wonders that happen in your body at night and you did not know

Sleep is a physiological necessity for the body and mind to rest, detoxify and prepare for the next day. And although it is well known that sleeping provides us with many benefits, have you ever wondered what other things happen while you sleep?

It may seem that when you sleep, you only close your eyes, and since you are no longer doing “anything” your body only waits for the next day to activate, but the reality is that your body does and experiences many things that you probably did not know was happening to you, for example, sleeping makes you burn fat!

Funny things that happen when you sleep

The human being spends about a third of his life sleeping, that is to say, 25 years. During all this time, amazing, curious, and very unexpected things happen. These are some of the most curious things that happen in your body while you sleep:

Your cells regenerate

Bedtime is the ideal time for the body to produce growth hormone, helping bones, muscles, tissues, and ligaments to regenerate. This hormone is more present in children and decreases over time until reaching adulthood, where it is no longer in the growth stage. However, the body continues to take advantage of this time to renew its cells.

Your memories are created

The brain is one of the organs that never rests, especially at night, as it is most active since it organizes all the information acquired during the day, classifies it, and transfers your experiences to long-term memory, this way, your memories are generated. If this did not happen, you would have absolutely nothing to remember from the day before. During these hours of sleep, the brain takes the opportunity to detox and get rid of everything it does not need.

You get taller

Yes, this is how you read it. Due to the position, we adopt during the night (lying down), the back and spine muscles relax and stretch, leaving a slight space between the vertebral discs, causing us to grow slightly. However, when we get up, the discs return to their place, and we regain our height.

You burn calories

When you sleep, the body continues to expend energy. Therefore it burns calories, so it is normal that you weigh less when you first wake up. In fact, if you want to lose weight, in addition to watching your diet and exercising, you should also analyze your hours of sleep; people who sleep less than 5 hours a day produce more ghrelin (hormone that promotes appetite) and less eptin (hormone that suppresses appetite). Hence, the recommendation is to sleep between 6 and 8 hours for adults and up to 10 hours for children.

Lower body temperature

When your body relaxes, its thermoregulatory capacity decreases, causing your body temperature to drop. Hence the need to wear pajamas and trousers.

You eat insects

Yes, it is something very unpleasant, but real. Each person gets to eat approximately 500 bugs (spiders, flies, ants, etc.) throughout his life and never finds out. Excellent!

Did you already know that all this happens when you sleep?

What do you think?

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