8 healthy and delicious foods to replace sweets

Are you one of those who can’t resist a dessert? Don’t blame yourself, as these dishes are really delicious. However, excess sugar is an important cause of weight gain and several diseases. So, before you fall into temptation, you can try these healthy foods to replace sweets.

Dark chocolate

If your biggest temptation is chocolate, give the bitter version preference, with at least 70% cocoa. Although it still has sugar and fat, these substances are present in lesser quantities than white chocolate and milk.

In addition, dark chocolate is a good source of polyphenols, compounds with the antioxidant function that are good for cardiovascular health. To take advantage of these benefits, limit your consumption to two boxes a day.

Roasted fruits

Fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears can be baked in the oven or heated in the microwave with a little honey or sweetener and a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa powder, making it a delicious and healthy dessert.

Because it contains a lot of fiber, fruits help to give you a feeling of satiety, preventing you from attacking sweets without thinking about the consequences of excessive consumption. In addition, bananas contain tryptophan, a substance that contributes to mood regulation and prevents you from eating too much out of anxiety.

Oatmeal porridge

Porridge prepared with oats, skimmed milk, and honey or a sweetener is a nutritious option that helps to prevent the compulsion for sweets – and it is even more delicious if you add cocoa or cinnamon powder.

In addition, oats are rich in fibers that prolong the feeling of satiety, preventing you from feeling hungry right away.

Mix of nuts and chestnuts

Oilseeds such as walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts contain proteins, good fats, and fibers, which make them healthy options and help control hunger.

In addition, these foods contain several minerals, including selenium, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to the fight against weight gain and various diseases.

However, as they are very caloric, it is recommended to consume a maximum of 50 grams of oilseeds per day – preferably without the addition of salt or sugar.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits have a sweet taste, are rich in fibers, and can be combined with nuts and chestnuts to make a tasty, healthy and practical mix to take in your bag or leave in the office drawer.

Some of the dried fruits that you find at the fair or in natural products are plums, bananas, apricots, goji berry, date strawberries, and grapes, among many others. Just remember to choose versions without added sugar.

Homemade fruit ice cream

For hot days, bet on homemade fruit ice cream to kill the urge to eat a delicious dessert without neglecting your health.

The easiest way to do this is to simply put chopped ripe bananas to freeze and then beat them in a blender or processor. If you prefer, you can also freeze other fruits, such as strawberries and coconut milk (use the ice mold for this).

Frozen grape

This tip is also excellent for the summer: instead of abusing the industrialized ice cream and popsicles, which are full of sugar and fat, put some seedless grapes in a little pot and take them to the freezer. This is one of the most delicious healthy foods to replace sweets!

Then, just consume them very cold, as if they were a popsicle – only without any added sugar and other artificial substances.

Sugar-free gum and candy

Easy to carry in your bag, sugar-free chewing gum and candies are a very practical option to control the urge to eat sweets without abusing sugar or compromising your diet.

In addition to offering few calories, some versions of these products are enriched with vitamins (especially vitamin C) and collagen, the protein that supports the skin and prevents the signs of aging.

Eating a dessert every now and then does not cause any major problems, but excess sugar is a major villain. So it is worth betting on these healthy foods to replace sweets and reserve your favorite treat for special occasions.

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