How to maintain friendly relations in the pandemic

The pandemic has meant a very big change in our lifestyle and in our daily lives. The relationships we have also changed, especially since many of them have had to keep their distance for a certain time or limit themselves a lot. That is why it is good to know how to maintain long-distance friendships during the pandemic.

It’s easy to walk away from people and friends when we don’t see them that often. We stay in our space and space out contacts and communication, which has increased even more with the pandemic. That is why it is a good idea to have a notion of how to maintain friendships at a distance.

Take advantage of your social networks

Years ago, it was much more difficult to keep in touch with people at a distance and learn about their lives. However, today we have a tool that helps us to do this. We complain about the bad things that social networks have and how they evolve towards something that brands use to sell, but the truth is that these networks’ initial intention was none other than to keep in touch even though we were many miles apart. So we can use them again for this purpose.

It is about checking our contacts on the networks, communicating with them, commenting on their photos, sending private messages, or talking to them. We should also show more of our life to offer communication and contact with these people. This way, they will know that we are willing to communicate and show parts of our life.

Show your support

We know that friendships are for good times and bad times, although the best friendships are noticed because those do not leave you when times are not the best. This pandemic has affected us all, so it is a good time to hear from our friends and lend our support if they need it. There are many people who suffer from depression or anxiety or who have seen their jobs or their health in danger, so being there as support is a great sign of friendship, and we will see how the feeling is reciprocal. Friends must also take care of each other, even from a distance.

Do things together

Even if the pandemic separates us, it is always possible to do things together. For example, you can start watching a series at the same time. This way, you will have something to comment on and that the two of you or the group of friends will love. Another idea is that you start studying something that you like, such as a language, in view of a future trip together, something that will motivate you both. It is also another good idea to read a book at the same time to talk about it. Having common things that unite you and that you share even though you are estranged is something that reinforces friendship and contact.

Plan a future trip

This can also unite you a lot. We do not know the exact moment in which we can travel without problems, but it is a great idea to motivate us to think about it, the places we want to visit, and everything we are going to do. So a great idea to join your friends in the pandemic is to plan something together, a trip that will make you all excited. Going looking at flights, saving hotels that you may like, and looking for itineraries can be something beautiful and motivating.

Share memories

Friendships often have common memories that always make us happy. So you can find and bring up photos to discuss other better times with friends. It can be a fun experience that reminds you of why that friendship.

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