Zac Efron Is Visited By His Girlfriend Vanessa

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
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Zac Efron who is dating his Australian girlfriend Vanessa Valladares was visited by her and his brother Dylan on the set of his Netflix series “Down To Earth.”

Vanessa Valladares and Zac Efron are still going high! The Greatest Showman star is currently shooting the second season of Netflix’s Down to Earth, and his new girlfriend and brother Dylan paid him a visit on set. On March 25, the actor was spotted filming in Mount Macedon, Victoria, and was dressed in a blue jumper with a vibrant striped pattern across the chest while speaking with the crew. The 33-year-old hunk wore jeans and aviator shades and gave off a laid-back vibe. Vanessa, 26 years old, was seen on set cutting an equally casual figure.

A long, waterproof trench coat was worn over a brown hoodie and black jeans by the brunette beauty. Dylan, the High School Musical alum’s little brother, was also seen on the mountain with a camera in hand. He’s rumored to be assisting his older brother with Netflix’s behind-the-scenes job. Zac and wellness specialist Darin Olien travel around Australia in search of balanced and sustainable forms of life in the docuseries Down To Earth. Zac embraced the local cuisine, traditions, and customs of the countries he visited in the first season of the show, which premiered in 2020.

A source close to Zac said that his relationship with Vanessa was going from strength to strength six months after starting dating. According to the source, Vanessa was introduced to Dylan, who had recently arrived in Australia. “It was the first time she met any of his relatives, so it was a major step,” the source explained. “Everything is going swimmingly. They clicked right away. He adores Vanessa and is delighted that his brother was finally able to meet her.”

After meeting in Byron Bay in July 2020, a second source announced it was a “major step” in their relationship. “Zac has been talking to Dylan and his family about Vanessa for months,” according to another source.  “Pus, they’ve FaceTimed a lot, so having them to meet is a big deal. He’s ecstatic to see everyone and spend time with them. It’s the next big step in his friendship with Vanessa, and he’s overjoyed because he knows they’ll get along splendidly.”

They Never Made Their Relation Official However

Soon after news of their potential rumor and apparently, abrupt engagement started circulating the internet, Vanessa Valladares and Zac Efron became the media’s focus.

In the uproar wake, a source came forward to clarify the truth about their relationship and provide insight.

Following the uproar, the source clarified their relationship and provided enough information to satisfy both netizens and fans.

“Zac’s enjoying his life in Australia,” according to a source cited in Us Weekly. He’s settling down and enjoying his friendship with his girlfriend. It’s a serious relationship.”

“He is not disturbed by anybody. He’s friends with the Hemsworth. He decides to go surfing. He’s come a long way since he was partying in LA.”

This isn’t the first time that sources have sought to expose the truth about Efron and Valladares’ marriage. “Zac and Vanessa are very good for each other,” an insider disclosed in September. He’s a lot calmer now that she’s around, and he’s not partying as often.”

Efron appreciates Valladares’ effect on his past party-boy age because he finds it difficult to separate himself from public opinion. At one point, the star admitted, “Dating is something I’ll never be able to do.”

“As in the dictionary concept of dating, because I’ve influenced the person’s life in some way, and they’ll soon realize it.” To dispel whatever people think about me, a date must be very long.”

“There’s a myth that actors can behave like monks,” he concluded at the time. You keep your life private, make a brilliant film, and then that’s all everyone sees of you, and you’re not a victim of your struggle. However, if you feel comfortable sharing your story, do so. I’m excited to get out of bed most days now.”

Zac Efron And Crowe Are Also in Talks to Replace Dylan O’Brien and Viggo Mortensen

In talks to fund Peter Farrelly’s new film The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Apple Studios is in which Zac Efron and Oscar winner Russell Crowe are in talks to replace Dylan O’Brien and Viggo Mortensen.

Farrelly’s Kingpin star Bill Murray is being courted for a supporting role. Production is set to begin in August. It will be either in Australia or New Zealand. Probably where the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t as serious as it is in the United States.

Farrelly’s follow-up to Green Book is based on Chick Donohue and J.T. Malloy’s bestselling book The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, and War. Efron would play Donohue. A man who embarked on a risky journey from New York to Vietnam in 1967. Just to deliver beer to his childhood friends.

Crowe is most likely playing a Vietnam reporter. He meets Chickie in a Saigon bar and informs him about the facts about the war. Also how the American people have been duped. Meanwhile, Murray is being considered for The Colonel, a WWII veteran and Chickie’s local bartender. He inspires the young man to go on a beer run.

Farrelly, Brian Currie, and Pete Jones co-wrote the script, and Skydance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger will produce alongside Andrew Muscato. Along with Goldberg and Granger, Aimee Rivera of Skydance will be in charge of the launch.

Naturally, O’Brien and Mortensen are not in Deadline paper list, which was most likely agreed upon beforehand. According to a source close to the project, scheduling issues were to blame for their departure. Even though people were hoping for a Farrelly-Mortensen reunion after Green Book, the project has gotten a boost in star power thanks to Efron and Crowe, who both have busy schedules.

Efron is currently filming Season 2 of Netflix’s Down to Earth and a reboot of Universal’s Firestarter, and a new version of Disney+’s Three Men and a Baby. Crowe will next be seen in The Georgetown Movie, and he’s also expected to star alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Sam Taylor-indie Wood’s Rothko. In Rapman’s prison drama, American Son, he’ll also appear based on the acclaimed French film A Prophet, opposite Stephan James. The Greatest Beer Run Ever looks like an exciting project for both stars.

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