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Miranda Lambert
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Miranda Lambert opened up about a private moment with her then-husband Blake Shelton that concluded in one of her biggest hits.

She stopped by Essentials Radio on Apple Music nearly a decade after her hit single “Over You” became a critical and commercial success to speak about the story behind it and the many other hits in her discography. The celebrity, 37, co-wrote “Over You” with her former partner Blake Shelton, but she went into greater detail about the song’s production. “My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother, and it was one of those moments when you discover something different about someone even though you’re married to them,” she told Kelleigh Bannen. “Dudes don’t talk about their feelings, but he started telling me about his experience. “Have you ever written about it?” I inquired.

“So he’s like, ‘No,’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, my father just says, ‘You don’t get over it,’ and he’s like, ‘Well, you don’t get over it,’ and he’s like, ‘Well, you don’t get over You just get used to it,’ Miranda added. “And I was like, ‘Well, should we write it?'”. Do you want to give it a shot, or is that too intrusive?’ You have no idea how to… I will never attempt to write your story because I haven’t lived it, so I might be able to assist because I am a third party, so I can sense your pain when you speak to me right now… It was such a special moment, and I’m so happy we were able to share that song and that it helped his family heal.”

The song was a smash hit when released in January 2012 as the second single from her 2011 album, Four the Record. It peaked at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart. The CMA Award for Song of the Year and the ACM Award for Song of the Year went to her and Blake. It was certified double-platinum in 2021.

Miranda’s ex-husband was also brought up during a discussion about her triple-platinum single “The House That Built Me,” which she released in 2010.

“That song was on a pitch CD sent to Blake by Scott Hendricks, and we were driving home from DFW one night and listening to pitch songs. It’s entertaining. The song started playing, and it was piano with male vocals. Tom, I believe, was singing it. Yeah, I agree. ‘You have to pull over,’ I said absolutely.

‘This is getting to you,’ he said as I sobbed. And I said, “I have no idea what happened.” For some reason, it overtook my body simply because you hear the first line and think to yourself, “Where is this going?” Oh, my goodness. What makes them say that?’ As a result, I said, “I can have this one.” ‘I think you need it with that reaction,’ he says. But I believe I cared so much for it that it found its perfect home… It’s the best song I’ve ever composed. It’s something I wish I’d written.”

Blake and Miranda married in 2011 after dating for five years. The couple remained together until July 2015, when they divorced. Miranda has married for the second time since the couple’s divorce. Blake reportedly engaged to No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, proposing to her in October 2020.

Miranda Lambert Also Released A New Song This Week

This week we witnessed the release of “Am I Right Or Amarillo,” a new song by Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, and Jon Randall from their upcoming album The Marfa Tapes. “It was a Jack Ingram line, ‘Am I Right or Amarillo,'” Randall explained. “I believe we were about how the truck stop was where we spent the most time in Amarillo. We were only riffing on the title when a cheating song appeared. We all miss country songs about cheating, but we just went for it. It’s more of a bluegrass style of music.”

The Marfa Tapes is a compilation of beautifully intimate and raw songs written and recorded together in the small, middle-of-nowhere town of Marfa, TX. It will be available on May 7th via Vanner Records/RCA Nashville. Marfa, Texas, is a quirky outpost in the middle of a vast expanse of nothingness, the ideal place to lose – or find – yourself. It’s both for Lambert, Randall, and Ingram.

The desolate location has become a songwriting haven for the trio over the last few years, producing massive hits and profound personal development. They came back for five days in November to record, not to compose, but to capture a captivating new album influenced by West Texas’s stark beauty and the strong, enduring bonds the three have established there. The Marfa Tapes is a beautiful piece of audio verité; an intimate, unadorned snapshot of a moment in time fueled by passion, confidence, and friendship, captured raw and loose with just a pair of microphones and an acoustic guitar.

The trio recorded most of the album outside, allowing the desert’s ambient sounds to seep into their live, stripped-down performances, and the result is utterly fascinating. Although some of the songs may be familiar to listeners – “Tin Man” and “Tequila Does,” for example – the vast majority of them have never been heard outside of Marfa. The outcome is a rare peek into the minds of three of the genre’s most talented authors and performers, as well as a frank, candid look at Lambert, Randall, and Ingram’s undeniable chemistry in its purest, most truthful form.

We saw the album’s opening track, “In His Arms,” last month. It’s a finger-picked acoustic guitar and intimate, bare vocals that reflect Marfa’s wide-open landscape and gentle tranquility, putting the song’s achingly beautiful lyrics and timeless craftsmanship front and center. “Tin Man,” is also available now. During the Marfa sessions, the trio revisited the song for the first time since its meteoric rise up the charts and a slew of award wins, including an ACM Song of the Year win.

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