The Perks of Being the Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager

Would you believe that being the Assistant Manager gives you more advantage than being the one on top of the workplace pyramid? Most employees work really hard to get that most sought after promotion. After long years of waiting and hardwork, the time for you to shine will finally be handed to you in a golden platter. You are maybe one of those employees who spend so much of their time, giving their all for their job while hoping to be the boss someday.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the boss but there are unimpressive things you are maybe not aware when you become one. Things that would make you realize how being just the Assistant Manager is the better position in the corporate world.

If you are the Manager, you are…

1. The Most Accountable Person

For someone who understands well what leadership is, this is not a bad idea. What does it really mean to become the most accountable person? Basically, you will be at fault for all the good and the bad things that will happen in your department. Even the things that you did not know is happening that concerns the company is still your fault.

 You did not do anything, but you are in-charge of the people who ever does anything bad. You will still be blamed for not being aware. As a result, you will become paranoid in the workplace. You will always think of what could possibly go wrong. Even though this thinking might help you foresee a problem, a lot of mental stress will come along with it.

2. Not Allowed to be Absent

This is not meant literally. It is any employee’s prerogative to file an absence when necessary but when you are the boss, even if you are physically absent your mind would still wander what’s happening in the office. Worst, your subordinates will keep on calling you about various concerns.

3. Not Available For Your Family

Some bosses could manage this toughly but it would take a toll on them. It exhaust them to the core, dividing themselves between their family and their career. Mostly they get torn with being able to provide more for the family and being able to spend quality time with them.

Those are just some few things that bosses are usually experiencing in the workplace. You might already get the picture of how heavy the burdens are of Managers and all sorts of company bosses.

The Perks of Being the Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is still the boss of everyone in the lower position. He can make decisions in behalf of the Manager. He is respected and he is paid higher than everyone else other than the Manager. He has higher chance of having his strategies and ideas to be recognized or applied. What more can you ask for? Hopefully, you don’t experience what Jane has in The Assistant .

Here are some other advantages of having a position that is not too high but not too low:

1. You are better paid and can make the most of it.

You are paid higher than your subordinates and at the same time you can file for a vacation leave to enjoy it. Unlike the manager, your request for a vacation leave will have a higher chance of approval. You job is to help the manager and you might also have a few tasks of your own but nothing that cannot be done within the office hours. Being away for a day or two won’t also hurt the company, the manager is there anyway.

2. Saved from facing the owners

Facing the owners is quite intimidating. If anything is going wrong, the Manager usually justifies the situation to the owners. Well, this will not be a burden that you will carry. You can carry on enjoying your position and your salary without being pressured.

3. More time with your family and other leisure

You are not required to work more than the office hours unless your manager would request you to. Being able to get out of work on time allows you more time to spend with your family. It will also give you more time to be able to relax and enjoy what you love to do.

4. Less pressure

Your boss could still pressure you with your task but trust me when I say, it is nothing compared than the pressure your boss is suffering from the company owners. Yours would be just a bean to compare although some Assistant Managers suffer about other things in the workplace (see Being able to enjoy your job and not all consumed by the pressure of it is one of the factors that will make you stay in it. Long tenures is rewarding in the future.

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