Queen Elizabeth II Is Finally Opening Buckingham Palace Gardens

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth
By Joel Rouse (Ministry of Defence), and nagualdesign, OGL 3,

For the first time in history, Queen Elizabeth II is opening Buckingham Palace’s gardens to the public for summer picnics.

The Royal Collection Trust revealed on Wednesday, April 7, that “this summer we will open Buckingham Palace garden for tourists to explore.” “Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to picnic on the palace lawns.”

Buckingham Palace used to be available to the public for guided tours of the State Rooms. But due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was briefly closed. The tours will resume in May, kicking off England’s summer season once more.

Her Majesty is providing guided tours of the estate’s gardens in April and May, in an unprecedented step. The estate’s gardens are host to the Queen’s garden parties and several royal activities. Before or after exploring the surrounding area, visitors can enjoy a picnic on the grounds with the palace’s views.

The 156-meter Herbaceous Border, the Horse Chestnut Avenue, the plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. And the popular lake with its island home to the Buckingham Palace bees are among the many features to discover, according to the Royal Collection Trust’s website.

Fans of the royal family can purchase tickets ahead of time. And can also buy refreshments from a food stall set up inside the residence’s walls. They can carry their food to eat while taking in the sights.

Reopening of Palace of Holyroodhouse

On Monday, April 26, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, will reopen. Windsor Castle, the world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle, will reopen to the public on Monday, May 17.

The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, The Clarence House, where Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla reside, and Frogmore Cottage, where Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, currently reside, are all closed until further notice.

The Queen, 94, and her eldest son, the Prince of Wales, 72, went for an Easter walk. They chose Frogmore Cottage for the walk on Saturday, April 3, ahead of the royal residences reopening to the public.

To commemorate the occasion, Buckingham Palace released two pictures, one of which showed the mother-son pair smiling ahead of the spring break. The second photograph depicted the couple wearing long coats and standing together in the castle’s vast gardens.

The appearance came amid royal family turmoil following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s candid interview with CBS last month. During the interview, the pair, who moved to the United States in early 2020 after stepping down as senior royals, said they were subjected to bigotry in the United Kingdom and were not helped by The Firm.

Following the bombshell interview, a source told Us exclusively last month that Elizabeth, who has four children with Prince Philip, has been in “constant crisis meetings.”

“The queen has always had a soft spot for Harry and has always kept an eye on him, so [she] is incredibly hurt and shocked that it has come to this,” the source said. “She’s trying to be understanding and see it from Harry’s eyes, but the interview has wreaked havoc on the royal family,” says the source.

Did Queen Elizabeth Sabotage Meghan’s Acting Career?

Even though Meghan Markle is a full-time royal, Queen Elizabeth asked her to continue acting. If she wanted to continue acting she was allowed to do so, breaking royal tradition just for her sake.

The British monarch told Meghan that she might pursue her Hollywood dreams despite joining the royal family, but she did not give it ‘enough thought.’

“The royal family gave them the freedom to go wherever they pleased,” biographer Andrew Morton said on the Royally Obsessed podcast.

“They were granted a certain amount of leeway. “Here are your first-class tickets; choose the country you want to visit, and we’ll make you Commonwealth youth ambassadors,”. Also, they said to Meghan, “Please be our guest and continue your acting career if you don’t want to accept royal duties full time.” “Those options were available to her,” Morton said.

“I don’t think any of them gave it the consideration it deserved,” the expert says of Harry and Meghan’s exploration of the choices open to them. So it is clear that Queen Elizabeth did not sabotage Meghan’s acting career.

The Royal Celebrity Has Also ‘Empathy’ For Prince Harry Because of Prince Margaret

All the drama that her grandson has caused, Queen Elizabeth II will never let go of Prince Harry.

Andrew Morton is a well-known royal expert, and author. He told Vanity Fair that the Queen has a lot of empathy for the Duke of Sussex since she grew up with her.

“I think the Queen understands that being the spare is difficult, and a part of her realizes that Harry, like her sister, was sometimes a bit of a lost soul,” the writer said.

“She’s always tried to defend Harry. And I believe it’s partly because she saw Margaret fall to the scheme. Shutting Margaret out didn’t work, and the Queen has learned her lesson. She didn’t want history to repeat itself with Harry.”

“When it comes to personalities, Harry reminds me of Margaret, who was a royal rebel. Margaret once wrote, “Disobedience is my joy,” and Harry embodies that sentiment. Margaret felt like an outsider at times. I believe that is why the Queen has made sure the door is still open for Harry to return to the royal fold,” he said.

He said, “She will have a lot of empathy and compassion for him since she grew up watching her younger sister perform the difficult task of the spare.”

“She cares a great deal about Harry. The Queen was there the day Harry’s mother died, and she’s been by his side ever since.”

“She has taken him under her wing on purpose. “I believe she has been much more understanding as a grandmother than she has been as a mother at times,” Morton said.

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