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5 Things That Don’t Make Sense in Godzilla Vs Kong

You might find the movie to be highly entertaining with all its actions and visual effects but you might also notice a few things that don’t make sense at all in the movie. If you have watched Kong  (Kong: Skull Island) in 2014 and Godzilla in 2019, you could follow that there are 2 alpha Titan monsters existing on Earth that should never meet. In Godzilla Vs Kong, the film showed their Earth destructing fight. According to the fictional Iwi legend, the two Titan monsters’ rivalry stemmed out since ancient times.

Even though the story is plausible, I can’t help to notice several scenes in the movie that makes it a little funny. The scenes I was talking about needed a little more justice to fit in. Here are they:

#1 Kong Has Inconsistent Size

Kong is somehow bigger or smaller in different scenes. At the beginning of the film, Kong looks bigger as he was walking in Skull Island, inside a protective dome made by Monarch company, but when he was boarded in the ship going to Antarctica he seems to be smaller. He was also enormously bigger when he battled with Godzilla in Hongkong. I could not properly picture out how big Kong is because of the inconsistencies.

#2 Godzilla Digs a Hole to Hollow Earth

In many instances, Godzilla was able to defend himself using his atomic breath. He breathed and destroyed his enemies and buildings but he was not able to make further damage than that. Yet, in one instance where he senses Kong’s presence underneath, he was able to make a hole straight to the hollow of the Earth where Kong is. It is just unbelievable to think of the Earth’s thickness and Godzilla made a hole just like that!

#3. Kong Got Lifted by Helicopters

This is getting weirder! A titan monster like Kong is lifted in the air to save him from being tracked by Godzilla! I don’t think it is possible to have something so huge be lifted in the air so easily. It will require a bigger aircraft to be able to do that.

4. Mechagodzilla Became Alive

Apex was able to invent a Mechagodzilla. A robot Godzilla is being controlled telepathically by a person and who’s energy is sustained by the available energy source of the Earth. Mechagodzilla is also connected to a dead skull retrieved from the remains of King Ghidora, Godzilla’s enemy. It is not explained believably how Mechagodzilla became alive and can think on its own. This is not possible. A robot must be programmed or at least be connected to someone to take command of his actions. It also became inconsistent when he was subdued by cutting his connection to an energy source when it has been established in the movie that it has become alive on its own.

5. The Hollow Earth

The movie failed to explain thoroughly this possibility. While the sun sustains life on Earth it also sustained a different ecosystem in the middle of the Earth where Titan Monsters was able to exist. The first questions are: How did the sun do that? How it could penetrate to the middle of the Earth? How did the Hollow Earth form?

Overall, I could still say that it is a good movie to watch with your family. Even with its inconsistencies and unbelievable parts, you can still appreciate other parts such as its visual effects, the story, the actors, and the settings. I am no movie expert; I am just a curious fan of monsterverse. Maybe, I just wanted it to be somehow closer to reality.

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