What You Will Trade in Marriage

Wedding Bells

Weddings are mostly magical in every respect but marriage is a trial of a lifetime in which you will be trading a few things about yourself when you get into it. It will not always spill cupcakes and rainbows because conflicts would keep on arising from above, below, and between you and your spouse. We could also maybe count the things in your back.

As far as I can tell, even with all the unpleasant things that come with marriage, marrying the person you are in love with makes the situation a lot better. It may sound cheesy but it is true in my case. Whenever some problems would creep their way to us, I could feel relief by just knowing I am with my favorite person in the world to face them. Even by saying so, I still traded a few things about myself that I dearly love when I got married, you might relate to some of these:

Making yourself happy

Have you ever felt guilty for watching your favorite show while your husband is attending to your child? Have you felt being an unconcerned wife for buying something for yourself instead of your husband? I did. When I got married, I felt guilty about most things that will gratify what I want. I would think that I am being selfish.    

Money carefree ways

You could have allowed a few or more regrettable purchases in the past but when you are married, this case will no longer be a minor scenario. One of the positive things about marriage is that you will become more responsible in handling your finances. Budgeting becomes a serious routine and you get better and better each day.

Friendship to the opposite sex

Of course! Whether you or your spouse would mention this or not, know that this is an unwritten rule to fiercely follow. You got to protect your union at all costs and in all instances. Prevention of temptation that will lead to cheating is way better.

Party days

You could still do this on a very few occasions, with your spouse’s approval. Going back to protecting your union, being at parties would also mean putting yourself vulnerable to temptations. This is not only about cheating. If you are not mature enough, being in parties frequently would develop thoughts about you missing your singlehood. You will then look at your marriage in a different light.

Personal space

Nothing seems to be private anymore. You are living with another individual now. You will share everything with your spouse. When things are tough, you will find this suffocating.

Deciding to be married is the topmost important decision you will ever make in your youth. It requires you to accept inevitable changes. Yet, if you have chosen well your other half, these changes will not be a burden. These changes will just be challenges wherein you will help each other to adjust to. Only then you will find happiness in marriage and contentment.    

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