Overcoming Boredom at Home: Twisting Your Routine

            When was the last time you look at the ticking clock on your wall? Or notice every stranger passing on your street? Or eating food with palms’ shadow on your face? I bet that was like hours or minutes ago? Perhaps, it happened in just a few moments before reading this article? Since you have bumped to this page, I am pretty sure you are bored. You just googled your boredom, right?

            I know how your routine before the pandemic has changed tremendously. We all have. Let me give you some tips to twist your current boring situation in the convenience of your home.              

Map-out Schedule

            Before you start your day, it might be better to list the things that you want to accomplish. You will keep track of your time to avoid dull moments. Make a time block that may cover the things you want to do and you can be as specific as possible. This is not to suggest that you are taking out the chance to be flexible but you are just ensuring that for every period, you have something to do. While making up the schedule, do not forget to include those things you enjoy doing.

Regular Cleaning and Decluttering

            Did you know that when you’re cleaning and de-cluttering stuff you are also getting rid of those unnecessary thoughts in your mind? Clearing home space might be a physical activity but it may also be a mental one because it benefits sideways. It is a good way to get yourself busy while feeling relaxed and rested afterward. Your newfound space as the result of your efforts might just be the comfort that you need.

Balance Fun with Tiring Activities

            Consuming your 24 hours doing serious works will dull you gradually. Maintaining life’s balance of fun and work has long been proven to be beneficial. Have fun and enjoy the sun! Remember Princess Anna of Frozen? Planting is one good example of a tiring activity yet a fun one. What is yours?

Be Committed

            Be fully committed to getting yourself to do something. Fight the urge to be lazily lying in bed. Making schedules may be difficult but fulfilling them is a different story. Stick to your schedule. It would look like a little self-game looking at a list and following them. Get on with it!

Reward yourself

            At the end of the day, you may feel exhausted from all the tasks you did thus, rewarding yourself ends the day perfectly. The smallest of the small rewards are enough. You may eat your favorite junk food at night while sitting comfortably in your cozy living room with a good movie playing on your television. It could also be lying in your bed with headphones putting on good music. Whatever way you prefer as long as it inspires you or it makes you feel good.

Stir out of #BoredZone by hooking up with this new routine and make your everyday best in every way.

What do you think?

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