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Michael B. Jordan Reveals Why He Went Official With Lori Harvey

Michael B Jordan
Michael B Jordan
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Michael B. Jordan has not been shy about openly professing his love for Lori Harvey, which is a departure from what viewers have come to expect from the actor. The actor has been very guarded about his personal life over the years, but things are different with Lori, he says. Michael tells People,

“I’m still private, and I want to protect that, but it just felt like it was a moment of just wanting to put it out there and move on. I am extremely happy!”

Initially Michael and Lori Attempted To Keep Their Relationship A Secret

Michael and Lori attempted to keep their relationship a secret for a while after first seeing together in November. He was seen leaving with her for the Thanksgiving holidays at the time, indicating that things had gotten serious away from the public eye. They were spotted together again by the end of December, this time on their way to a ski trip in Utah. In January, after paparazzi photographs revealed that something was going on, Michael and Lori started sharing their love on social media.

Michael explains, “I think when you get older, you feel more relaxed about the [public nature of the industry that we’re in.” “It was a moment for me to, I think, take care of that and then get back to work,” he continues. Lori and Michael have been sharing many PDA-filled images on Instagram over the last few months, and they haven’t been shy about expressing their love for one another.

A variety of flirty Instagram messages have also been shared between the two. Michael said, “Gimmie!!! Sheesh!! Happy Birthday, Turtle,” when Lori shared some pictures in celebration of her 24th birthday in January. Lori’s birthday was also celebrated with a trip to St. Barts, where the two were pictured packing on the PDA on a yacht and more.

Michael confessed to Men’s Health in March, “The fact that I’ve been so closed off about a lot of aspects of my life [before] was a personal decision.” “As I’ve grown older and more mature, and as I’ve become more at ease in my skin, I’ve become less concerned about it.”

Michael B. Jordan Learned Fight Choreography For Black Panther and Creed In Fun Way

Black Panther’s rising talent star Michael B. Jordan career was catapulted forward by the Creed and Black Panther franchises. Jordan’s fighting abilities as Adonis Creed and Erik Killmonger were part of the appeal of both. Like those of any other movie star, Jordan’s abilities were supported by top-notch battle choreography and stunt coordinators. According to the star, his choreography for both Ryan Coogler blockbusters wasn’t just kicks and punches, and he revealed how he learned the choreography in a fun way.

Michael B. Jordan’s filmography has leaned heavily toward the action genre in recent years. In almost every blockbuster he’s appeared in, the star has taken pride in performing stunts and battle scenes. His battle scenes are among the best in cinema. When asked how he approaches battle sequences, Jordan said he approaches them the same way he approaches every dance move:

“It’s choreography. Like, I learned to do the cha-cha while making Creed and Creed II. I’m a visual learner—an adrenaline junkie. Once I practice the moves like a dance, they burn into my brain. That’s how I approached the fights in Black Panther.”

The Creed’s Star Puts Great Effort In His Roles

As previously stated, many of Michael B. Jordan’s roles, especially in the films mentioned above, have been physically taxing. Given how much footwork is involved in boxing, learning to dance to the Creed films makes sense. Given the film’s intense and complicated battle scenes, applying those skills to his Black Panther role made even more sense. Treating fight choreography like dancing sounds like a brilliant strategy, and he’ll undoubtedly incorporate it into his upcoming roles.

The star also provided insight into shooting his upcoming film Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse in the same Page Six interview. He confessed to being perplexed during the shoot because the production was shot out of order, and he had to remember how hurt his character was depending on the scene. However, the actor’s inner adrenaline junkie surfaced when he confessed to enjoying the prospect of performing risky stunts.

Often the best way to learn is to watch someone perform the act once or twice before memorizing it. Jordan was able to translate the joy to the big screen in those films. And just looking at the actor’s battle scenes gives the feeling that he’s dancing throughout.

Michael B. Jordan’s penchant for action movies has paid off handsomely. If Killmonger makes his rumored comeback, Jordan’s fans will get to see this technique in Creed III and probably Black Panther 2.

Michael B. Jordan’s ability to learn visually will continue to serve him well as he advances throughout his career. On April 30th, when Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse premieres on Amazon Prime Video, viewers will be able to see the actor’s secret technique in motion.

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