Trick Your Mind to be Mentally at Peace

Your mind affects you more than you know. It often sounded easy when someone would tell you to just rest if you are feeling tired. What other people would not know is that when you are complaining that you are tired, it goes beyond your physical self. It is an abstract idea but a reality that even the toughest person would experience.

Do you feel like you are in a crowded place when you are currently alone? You cannot stop feeling agitated over something that you cannot place a word that would be enough to describe it. Let me tell you this-it is your mind and not your physical self that is feeling that sort of suffocation.

Your mind process a lot of things at the same time. While your daily routine won’t be a lot of effort, your personal struggles could consume your thoughts. When this happens, it affects your emotion and it would be a little harder now to persuade yourself to calm down or to feel a sense of peace.

Feeling mentally crowded has been part of my journey ever since I can remember. I improved through time with the help of self-calming books, studying Psychology and my own personal touch. You know yourself better. You can find what will work for you. These are what worked for me:

Unloading Your Mind


I tend to treat my mind as a tangible thing to easily recognize what is the usual thing any normal person would do. When something is too full, you unload it, right? I write down the thoughts that bother me. Imagine that you are getting your thoughts out and placing them in the paper as you write. It may sound silly, but it usually works.

Listen to the Sound of Cascading Water


This will sound crazy. When I feel stressed, I think that my mind becomes like a worn-out clothes. Worn-out clothes need washing to feel fresher to wear. You cannot literally wash your mind but you can imagine that you can! Sit comfortably, check on this youtube link then close your eyes. You might be surprised how relaxing it would feel.

Watch Again Your Favorite Inspirational Movie

Watching movies has a calming effect. Your favorite inspirational movie will help you get back to your feet again. Unconsciously, the movie that you are watching will persuade your mind to become motivated once again.     

Treating your mind like a different entity will break down simply the solution to treat it. It will all comes back to the basics. When something is full, unload it. When it is dirty, clean it. When it is lazy, persuade it. I hope these could help.

What do you think?

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