Actress Esme Bianco sues Marilyn Manson for sexual maltreatment


In archives acquired by TMZ, Bianco claims in her suit that she was tranquilized, tormented and assaulted by the performer over the span of their relationship.

“I basically felt like a prisoner. I came and went at his pleasure. Who I spoke to was completely controlled by him. said Bianco back in February when initially revealing her claims against Manson.

A beautician asserted the Manson had put a firearm to her head, and another entertainer, Bianca Allaine, uncovered in late February that she was set to meet with the FBI to hand-off subtleties of her sexual relationship with the vocalist.

Her court filing on Friday marks the first legal action over such allegations against Mr. Manson, who is referred to in the lawsuit by his real name, Brian Warner.

The whole story

Esme Bianco says she met the rocker in 2005. According to the lawsuit in February 2009, he invited her to Los Angeles to film a music video. However, upon her arrival Bianco found out she was expected to stay at his home and there was no film crew. The actress was allegedly left without food and sleep and given drugs and alcohol during her four-day sta”

One of the most horric experiences according to the is when Manson locked Bianco in his bedroom and beat her with a whip. His tornment of the actress went even further as there claims , he also electrocuted her.”

The legal action says they began a consensual sexual relationship in May 2009 and maintained a long-distance relationship until 2011.

In her complaint, Bianco claims Manson coerced her into sexual intercourse that was often violent and degrading, sometimes even when she was unconscious or otherwise unable to consent.

After the underlying cases, Manson was dropped from his label and agent, taken out from acting jobs and his director of 25 years disvowed the artist.

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