Pose Season 3 Premiere Recap


Fx’s impressive TV drama Pose is a blend of attractiveness and challenge. Exudes tenderness, and at the same time is imbued with ferocity. The premiere third season will touch on topics related to social justice, anti-discrimination, the family, and hope that pushes all boundaries.

Pose is characterized as a family drama that brings us closer to the core of the family. In the previous two seasons, Pose tried to emphasize the well-founded version of “house“. The ballroom is the foundation of security and hope. However, as we see in the first episode, Blanca’s House of Evangelista is represented in the scenes almost as much as the ball floor.

On The Run

In the first episode of the third season  “On The Run“, those two rooms are intertwined. The conversation between Blanca and Elektra about the fact that Ballroom is all about community and family amplifies our experience. It reminds us that this is a love letter of support to trans Black women who are also mothers. Support not only removes the burden from the back but also gives wings of hope.

What leaves no one indifferent is where Blanca talks about her job at the hospital where she cares for AIDS patients. The phrase, “it never crossed my mind that a woman like me could have the answers, would be the one with the solution,” states the higher goal of our protagonist. We cannot deny that her empathy is what her stamp is.

On the other hand, Pray Tell (Billy Porter) is sustainable. The sorrow that breaks him to pieces, he “cures” by drinking. His life is no longer living, but surviving. The attempts of Blanca, Ricky (Dillon Burnside), and even Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain), are not enough to silence his pain.

The chemistry between the characters and the love that the writers of this TV show provide leaves a great impression on viewers. Precisely because of that, the emphasis will always be on the rays of joy that will bring light into those dark moments.

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