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Top 5 Teen Shows To Rewatch In Quarantine


Some TV Shows will never get boring, no matter how much you watch them. Even when we know the plot and the unfolding, we always enjoy those episodes and moments that we came to terms with as if they were happening to us. What are the top 5 teen shows to rewach?

Gossip Girl

Xoxo, Gossip Girl… A popular TV show about the everyday life of elite teenagers in New York. The series shows all aspects of the life of the young elite. There is friendship and quarrel, drugs and passion, jealousy and love, hatred and devotion. We fell in love with the main characters, we laughed and cried with them. The main intrigue is the person who runs the blog about all the gossip that happens to our main characters – And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell!

The Vampire Diaries

The American teen drama horror series, based on the popular novel, follows the life of Elena Gilbert. A girl who falls in love with vampire brothers. After her parents were tragically killed, Elena and her brother Jeremy continue to live in the town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. Her life turns upside down very quickly and she becomes the main protagonist of this unusual vampire story. Elena, Damon, and Stefan are in a love triangle and this story never gets boring.

Pretty Little Liars

Four friends team up against an anonymous person who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets including the truth about their friend’s murder. This is a series we watched in one breath, which we spent all night watching the series because we couldn’t stop. These girls are complex characters who together experience a handful of strange and interesting things. “I’m back, bitches. And I know everything -A”

Teen Wolf

Teen wolf is a series that you start watching purely because these actors seem cute. Then you end up not being able to stop watching and crying because of some moments in the series. High-school sophomore Scott McCall finds that his life changes drastically when he gets bitten by an alpha werewolf. A series we fell in love with and we weren’t even aware that it would grow so close to our hearts.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is about the lives of young people in a small town. At the center of the story are five young people who are interconnected by love and friendship and by basketball. We loved watching this TV Show and the episodes kept our attention from start to finish.

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Written by Ivana


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