Top 5 Movies That Will Change Your Life


Have you ever seen a movie and after that you are no longer the same? Your point of view has changed, and you became a different person? These are the top 5 movies that will change your life!

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Gardner family is in a difficult financial situation and without enough money to pay for the apartment, the main character Chris and his son end up on the street. Although the situation is almost hopeless, love for his son will help Chris achieve what he aspired to. This movie will teach us that although it is sometimes difficult, faith and hope overcome everything.

Into The Wild

Fresh out of law school, McCandless decides to abandon his parents and his life of privilege in his pursuit of joy in communion with nature. Into The Wild is a movie about the desire for freedom and the meaning of life. A touching movie is worth your attention.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is the story of a genius mathematician whose life suddenly turns upside down the moment he is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This film is much more than those 135 minutes we spend watching. It makes us think much, much more after watching the movie itself.

Yes, Man

A man who is considered negative becomes completely disappointed. He comes across a motivational “yes” seminar and decides to attend, where he is asked to say “yes” to every opportunity he encounters. Saying yes opens up many opportunities for him. Also, it changes our perspective on life and opportunities that we may miss because we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone.

Dead Poets Society

The plot follows seven boys who are in the famous Velton Academy. They get a new English teacher who teaches them things that don’t exist in books. It encourages them to start doing things that interest them. They nurture art and faith in wonderful things that have a soul. One of the most inspiring movies of all time!

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