Shocking! Addison Rae STUNS everyone on MTV


Wow! Addison Rae knocked us all off our feet with her appearances at the MTV Movie and TV awards. She comes to slay at the 2021 MTV Movie Awards and left everyone speechless.

Stunning, risky, and sensational

Twenty-year-old Addison once again proved with her styling that she is worth being on a red carpet. She appeared on the red carpet in a combination that left everyone breathless. This cool and sexy creation perfectly highlighted her figure and presented sensational Addison.

She wore a shallow, long black skirt with a silver belt that was wrapped around her belly. The look was perfectly complemented by the sheet black bra and the black coat she wore over. The two silver necklaces and rings matched the belt perfectly. Her hair was loose and we were all amazed by her beachy waves. The makeup consisted of a dramatic smokey eye, warm blush, and a neutral lip. Addison set the red carpet on fire!

She later changed into something sweeter. When she found herself on stage where she gave a kiss to her co-worker, she wore a green floral print dress, which featured a high-low silhouette.

Fans of course had various comments on her styling. One was so struck by the look that they begged, “Someone come pick up my jaw.” Another fan chimed in, “YOU LOOK SO HOT,” while another user said, “Icon status.” “Girl … your target audience is 10-year-olds,” one fan said. Another pointed out that the look was “quite revealing,” while someone else added that “there are kids on this app.”

Addison and her Co-Star Tanner Buchanan looked amazing on the red carpet together. When asked by a reporter if they had intentionally combined colors, Addison replied, “In a way, a little bit, not too intentionally, but yes.” Tanner added, “I think we just read each other’s mind.”

In an interview she gave, Addison commented on how she taught Kim Kardashian a Tik Tok dance. It was very interesting for everyone to watch. When a reporter asked what Kim had taught Addison, Addison said Kim gave her great advice on “how to keep the spirit up, especially in the tough times.”

The question, “I know your podcast is back. When is your reality show coming out? ” made her laugh. First, she praised the question, and then she said that she doesn’t know and that she will not force or rush anything.

He’s All That

The cast of the upcoming He’s All That revealed the release date of the gender-swapped romantic comedy, with the movie due to premiere on Netflix on August 27. Rae is all set to make her Hollywood contemporary, remake of the 1999 cult film “She’s All That.” On the red carpet, Addison and Tanner said they put a lot of effort and time into this film, especially because they also filmed during the pandemic. “Also, we tried to stay true to the original, but try to make it our own,” Tanner said. To all this, Addison laughed and added, “I’m excited for people to see, who is all that.”

Rae Kissed Her “He’s All That” Co-Star on Stage

The 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards blew everything like a tornado. The duo got together to present the award to Madelyn and Chase for Best Kiss, but while they were in front of the crowd, they took advantage of this moment to kiss. The duo’s recent appearance at the MTV Movie and TV Awards not only set tongues wagging online but also sparked a fair amount of humor and some aversion.

Despite the voices of the audience, Twitter was ignited by the comments and tweets concerning the two of them.

Just some of the famous tweets are: “I didn’t need to see Addison Rae and that guy kissing on the #MTVAwards”, “Not Addison Rae making out on my screen”, “MTV went from a goldmine to a landfill. .like what the hell is this Addison Rae. ”A lot of mimes ended up on Twitter. Many reactions and different opinions are stimulated only by this kiss.

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