Glitter & Gold: The Biggest Moments from Eurovision


After a year of waiting, Eurovision is back at the big door. Despite the Covid situation, the Netherlands managed to perfectly prepare this event and make it a world miracle. Standard and competition this year were at an enviable level, it was difficult to assess who will be the winner, until the very end. Certainly, Eurovision 2021 was something to remember!

Italy’s Victorious Performance

The Italians definitely returned rock ‘n’ roll to Eurovision and blew everything around them. With their performance of the song Zitti E Buoni, the group Måneskin caused a stir, where they sent a message that the rock will never die and that you should be different and silly. Until the very end, Italy and Switzerland were in the ring, but the voices of the audience ruled and put the Italians on the throne.

What has occupied the public’s attention a bit is a video in which it looks as if the singer of the group, sitting at a table in the Green Room, is using cocaine. He publicly denied this by stating: “Thomas (guitarist Thomas Raggi) broke a glass… I don’t use drugs, please guys, do not say that. Don’t say that really. No cocaine please, do not say that. ” They stated that they do not use drugs and that they would gladly test themselves to come to everyone that everything is just a misunderstanding.

Iceland Couldn’t Perform Live Due To Covid

Speaking of Iceland, Daði og Gagnamagnið were favorites last year. Fans were overjoyed to hear that they would hear the catchy song of this unusual group again. However, that was not possible this year. They did not reach the semifinals, because a positive Covid test meant they had to stay isolated at the hotel.

The group was excluded from the final rehearsal, so instead of a live performance for the Finals, a recording from the second rehearsal was used. Together with us, they followed the situation from their hotel and achieved a very good result for Iceland. They may not have won, but they certainly left a wonderful impression on the audience and thus made their country proud.

Flo Rida Graced Eurovision

Yes, indeed Florida was at Eurovision! The American Hip Hop star performed as part of the San Marino entry which closed out the contest this year. With his performance with Senhit, Florida delighted the fans, and at the same time, he gained new fans all over Europe and the world. Florida said he had never heard of the competition before, but when he was invited to participate, he was more than happy and honored. As he said he was “very grateful to be able to perform on one of the biggest stages”.

Europe said: Brexit And Gave The UK Zero Points

What shocked everyone was the UK at the bottom of the rankings. Unfortunately, the UK did not receive a single point from either the expert jury or the votes of the audience. However, their song really wasn’t that bad and everyone was shocked by this situation. At the performance, James Newman’s Embers seemed to get along perfectly with the audience. But, on the other hand, the jury and the audience at home obviously did not think that this song deserved a better placement.

The UK was the only country not to get a single point all evening. This may have been a shock, but James didn’t let it upset him and he remained dignified until the end.

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