Differences Between Harry Potter Movies and Books


Seven parts of the book and eight parts of the film by the incredible Harry Potter hero is something that no one has either read or watched. We are thrilled with the story of the young wizard and all the moments, both the ones described in the book and the ones we experienced on the small screens, we experienced with strong feelings. And what are the differences between Harry Potter books and movies?

Peeves The Poltergeist

This decision to Peeves The Poltergeist from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone does not appear in the film left many in awe and it was not clear to anyone why this is happening. Peeves was to be included in the film and it was conceived that his character would be interpreted by the English comedian n Rick Mayall. However, this did not come true and Pevees only remained an opportunity in the book.

Dumbledore’s Funeral

We were all sad when we discovered in the book that a wise, old mentor had been killed. Snape’s murder of Dambuldor was a very emotional moment. In the film, the characters pay homage to Dumbledore by raising their sticks, and Harry leads them.

Harry and Ginny’s relationship (or lack thereof)

The film omits that Harry and Ginny have a real relationship. In Half-Blood Prince their love was supposed to flourish and the emphasis should be on their love story. Still, we can only see one kiss in the film, but in the book itself, they were really together.

Not showing Harry learning about Dumbledore’s past in the Deathly Hallows movies

The story of Ariana Dumbledore was not treated at all as it is in the book. This is on the one hand because it gives so much meaning to Dumbledore drinking the potion in the cavern. It shouldn’t have been left out, because it’s very obvious that Harry was hurt. After all, he doesn’t know enough about Dumbledore’s trap.

Dudley’s Redemption

The Dursleys were much hated characters from the beginning, precisely because of their attitude, disgust, and thinking about magic and everything Harry was a part of. However, when Harry comes of age and is about to leave the Dursleys home, Dudley surprisingly shakes hands with Harry and thanks to him for saving him from the dementor. This is an emotional moment that is completely neglected in the film. The scene was filmed, but it was decided not to show it.

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