8 Songs That Will Make You Feel So Happy


Nice day outside, everything around you and in you is colorful, and you just need music to complete that mood. Or you don’t feel the best, so you need a happy playlist that will turn things around for the better. It’s all right! That’s why we have prepared a list of happy songs that will definitely make you feel good!

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bob Marley

This is one of those chill songs that definitely tells you that there is no need to worry. Whatever it is, you have to look at things on the bright side! As Bob says in the song, “In every life, we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double.” Close your eyes, get lost, and stop worrying!

“Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina & The Waves

“Walking on Sunshine” is an ideal song for when you want to live your life loud and passionate. The moment you play this song on your headphones and walk, while the sun shines on your face can’t help but make yourself happy. Dance and let the sun’s rays make you feel awesome!

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” – Justin Timberlake

This disco-pop song will make everyone listen to the music and even on the bus, nod in rhythm and get lost in the magical melody. The song is extremely fun, the melody is a great song, and the words just move us and motivate us to catch the day and enjoy it!

“Happy” – Pharrell Williams

After listening to this song, no one can be sad. The title itself tells us enough, and the song itself teaches us to be happy. This rhythm brings wonderful positive energy into our hearts and instantly makes our day more beautiful and better.

”Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson

Definitely the song that carries the strongest message – what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. It tells us that even though bad things happen, we must not give up, but we must find inner strength. Anything that might hurt us brings us a new experience and definitely makes us stronger and smarter.

“Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield

In this song, Natasha tells us that we have to feel the rain on our skin and that no one in our skin is next to us. Everything else is unwritten, yet we write the story of our lives ourselves. Allow yourself to be happy and the book of your life will be written in the most beautiful colors.

“Good Life” –  OneRepublic

“Good Life” is one of the most adored by fans songs from One Direction. As Ryan Tedder sings “This has gotta be a good life.” We are the tailors of our own happiness and our life will be beautiful if we allow ourselves to be happy and enjoy every moment of this wonderful life.

“I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross

Since it was released in 1980, the song has shown up in a slew of popular movies, including Pets. This song really moves everyone and leaves no one indifferent. There is no person who at some point did not dance to the rhythms of this fun song.

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